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Croatian Post and cryptocurrencies

Croatia and cryptocurrencies

Two days ago, on Wednesday, Croatian Post made an announcement that would please cryptocurrency owners. According to this announcement, the customers of Croatian Post can exchange five cryptocurrencies for Croatian kuna at the post offices around the country.

Currently, it is possible to exchange five cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin core, Ether, Stellar, XPR, and EOS.

Croatian Post is the biggest provider of postal services in the country.

Croatian Post decided to introduce this service after a successful implementation of a pilot program at a few branches. During a pilot program, three post offices in Zadar, a city on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, offered this service, which is now available across the country.

It currently operates 1,016 post offices, 2,135 counters, and employs more than 10,000 people. It is worth mentioning that the postal services provider implemented a cryptocurrency exchange in cooperation with a local company. Electrocoin is a Croatian crypto exchange and payment processing provider.

Cryptocurrencies around the worldCryptocurrencies around the world

Based on the information from Croatian Post’s website, starting from December 11, Croatian, as well as foreign users, will be able to use this service. It will be straightforward to convert cryptocurrencies to Croatian kuna.

At first, customers should submit a crypto exchange request, as part of the operation, a person must scan a QR code. The next step is to receive cash at a post office. Currently, 55 offices out 1,016 are supporting this service. It is possible to check the list of offices on the website of the Croatian Post.

Moreover, Croatia is not alone when it comes to introducing crypto-related services. For example, crypto owners can exchange their cryptocurrencies in Liechtenstein as well as Austria.

In February, Liechtensteinische Post, which is the postal services provider in the country, started selling Bitcoin. Moreover, it expanded this service to include other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

In Austria, more than 400 post offices and 1,350 post partner stores are selling Bipanda crypto vouchers. Users can redeem these vouchers on Bitpanda’s website.


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