Crypto Adoption Among Traditional Trading Firms

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Cryptocurrencies step-by-step became part of the modern world. Companies are working hard to expand their services as well as to create new projects connected with the crypto industry. However, it will take to raise the awareness to make crypto more attractive to the public. 

Trading firms have the potential to support crypto adoption. One report explored this topic and revealed many interesting facts. Let’s have a look at this report to learn more about crypto and trading firms. 

It is worth mentioning that, the derivative analysis firm Acuiti released its special report cooperation with Bitstamp and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

The title of the report is “Institutional Adoption of Digital Asset Trading”. 

Interestingly, senior executives who work from traditional trading firms explained their position regarding this topic. 

Crypto Assets, trading companies, and new opportunities Crypto adoption and new opportunities

The good news for crypto enthusiasts is that 17% of traditional trading firms already adopted crypto-assets according to the report. Also, most of the companies which adopted crypto made this decision within the last 12 months.

Moreover, the study found that among all trade service providers, one-in-four respondents support such assets.

Furthermore, 45% of companies that do not currently support crypto assets, plan to consider the idea once more within the next six months.

Importantly, 97% of the companies that participated in the survey are willing to reconsider their decision within two years.

This report also revealed one interesting fact about crypto-friendly trading companies. According to this report, trading firms based in the Asia-Pacific region reported the best results, as 57% of companies adopted assets.

North American companies have the largest differential between demand and adoption. The trading firms from North America met only half of the demand for digital assets.

As can be seen from the report published by the derivative analysis firm Acuiti, more and more companies are willing to accept cryptocurrencies.

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