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Crypto news on the last day of 2019

Crypto news on Tuesday

This year will be remembered as a tough year for cryptocurrencies and crypto-related companies. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular around the world. This trend will continue in 2020 despite all of the challenges.

Recently, Google started to remove crypto videos from YouTube. This decision complicated the relationship between the tech giant and the crypto community, which was already far from being ideal. Hopefully, Google changed its decision and reinstated some channels. According to Google, it was a mistake, but this issue underlined the problems cryptocurrencies and crypto companies are facing around the globe.

However, this is not the end of the story, as Google made another controversial decision. It banned the crypto app Metamask from Google Play, which is Google’s official app store.

Metamask is a decentralized apps browser for built on the Ethereum network. Moreover, it also offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. People who are using the extensions mentioned above can access the Metamask service until Google changes its decision or until Metamask will find another solution.

Chinese authorities and crypto miningChinese authorities and crypto mining

China’s approach to crypto mining and cryptocurrencies is quite hard to understand for several reasons. Chinese authorities changed their attitude towards mining several times. Finally, regulators decided that crypto mining was legal.

Nevertheless, there are some questions regarding crypto mining. Recently, police confiscated more than 7,000 mining machines. Local police seized these machines for illegally using the electricity for mining.

In the latest raid conducted by the Tangshan police along with the State Electric Power Department and other organizations, authorities raided roughly 70,000 households.

Chinese authorities monitored these homes and found out that there was something unusual going in these households. They came to the conclusion that the average electricity usage was higher than in other homes.


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