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Crypto Travel Booking Website and Coronavirus

Crypto travel booking website

The coronavirus pandemic caused serious problems for the travel industry. Companies are struggling to avoid the worst-case scenario. According to the information provided by the crypto travel booking website, the total number of nights booked in May increased by 45.8% compared to April. Moreover, its monthly revenue grew by 205% in May in comparison to April.

Interestingly, last month the number of room nights booked fell by 60% compared to March. Also, as authorities started to remove restrictions this factor has a positive impact on Domestic travel started to increase as people are willing to travel again. Importantly, the major contributing factor is domestic travel.

Crypto owners and their and coronavirus pandemic

Based on the data provided by, last month customers used various cryptocurrencies. For example, 60% of the bookings made through the platform in May were paid in cryptocurrency. The biggest cryptocurrency on the market which is Bitcoin accounted for 21% of all crypto transactions.

Moreover, the second place belongs to the firm’s AVA token with 16%. Also, in the case of 23%, people used other crypto assets.

Notably, people are more open when it comes to spending cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the number of crypto transactions increased on the platform. It means that more and more people are willing to use crypto to pay for various goods and services.

In May 40% of customers decided to pay by credit cards or PayPal. Furthermore, benefited from the cryptocurrencies, without them it would be harder to achieve such results.

Also, the crypto trading website merged with TravelByBit. As a result, will be able to expand its features. For example, it will be easier to pay for travel accommodations with crypto.

Last year, partnered with As a result, it is possible to book any accommodation from by using the platform.


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