Crypto paying via wallet: Chainlock

Just eat and crypto payment

Crypto wallets are becoming more and more popular on a daily basis. Being able to pay via wallet is one of the main aspects traders look for in hardware storages. But there are quite few companies that offer those kinds of options to traders.

Surprisingly enough, an Austrian passport printing company decided to dabble into the crypto world. They called it the Chainlock. This hardware wallet is aimed to address the vulnerable online crypto storage, prone to hacking. Though they are useful to pay with, they are a great security risk.

Chainlock is a 100 percent offline wallet. It offer a private key generator which will not reveal the keys to anyone but the owner. This crypto storage can also be managed with an app, the company claims that when paying via wallet, no unauthorized access will be granted. Not even if you are connected to the internet, Wifi, and NFC.

CryptoLocket, which is a crypto stealing malware, can’t access this wallet as well. The question remains, is this actually true? Chainlock looks like a credit-card. It is made of silver plastic and is supposedly water and heat resistant.

About the Company Itself

The company is from Austria, it goes back to the early 1800s. This Austrian State printing house, called Oesterreichische Staatsduckerei or OeSD, is one of the most secure printing firms in the country. It prints the state’s high tech passports, and provides other secure identity solutions.

Their history definitely creates some confidence in the new hardware crypto storage. Though its still hard to say whether it is worth the investment. What are other specs offered by the device?

Only after we find out what the true specs are, such as if its possible to pay via wallet, carry it without being scared of theft, access via the card, and more, we will be able to tell if it truly is as good as they make it seem.

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