Crypto videos and Google

Google vs videos

Cryptocurrencies, as well as crypto-related companies, have to deal with various problems. The path to crypto adoption is not easy and it will take time and effort to convince private and governmental organizations.

Recently, Google decided to remove videos about cryptocurrencies from its video website.

YouTube is the world’s biggest video website. For example, 300 hours of content on everything is uploaded every minute.

Google decided to remove hundreds of videos about cryptocurrencies from YouTube. However, it targeted only smaller channels and publishers. The videos which belong to news outlets are still available on YouTube.

Alphabet vs. crypto communityYouTubers and crypto market

The confrontation between Google’s parent company and the crypto community started a long time ago.

Alphabet previously banned bitcoin and cryptocurrency advertisements. However, it changed the decision after three months.

People are trying to understand why Google decided to remove crypto-related content. One Youtuber stated that Google removed most of his crypto videos.

YouTube removed his videos for violating its rules; the first one is harmful content. The second is the “sale of regulated goods.”

This decision is unusual, and some people from the community made it clear that they would challenge this decision.

By removing content, it will become harder to increase the awareness about the cryptocurrencies. Google should at least justify its decision as owners of the videos, and crypto enthusiasts have the right to know why they can’t watch these videos. яндекс

In this situation, the crypto community may be forced to look for alternatives. It won’t be easy to replace YouTube.

There is no unique approach when it comes to crypto-related videos or projects. However, by removing the content, YouTube won’t solve the issues connected with this technology. Google should cooperate with the crypto community to create clear guidelines regarding the videos. This way it will be possible to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

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