Cryptocurrencies and Coronavirus Research Initiative

Crypto industry and new opportunities

Many people would like to earn cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic created a lot of the problems for the private and governmental organizations. Some people may find it hard to believe but it is possible to earn cryptocurrencies and to help learn more about the coronavirus pandemic without leaving a house.

Decentralized Infrastructure-as-a-Service company CPUcoin announced a joint program with Berkeley Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC). It is worth mentioning that the initiative will devout unused computing power to research regarding the coronavirus.

Let’s get back to cryptocurrencies. It is not hard to use this opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies. Users need to download and install CPUcoin’s CGN Miner platform, as well as BOINC open-source software, support the IBM World Community Grid, and Rosetta@home projects with their unused computing power. This initiative will reward customers with cryptocurrencies. As a result, people will earn cryptocurrencies.

Importantly, Rosetta@home focuses on researching proteins that compromise the novel coronavirus. The purpose of this research is to produce therapeutics and diagnostics.

Moreover, IBM World Community Grid works on predicting the effectiveness of particular chemical compounds. This is important as it helps to determine possible treatments for coronavirus.

Cryptocurrencies and coronavirusCrypto industry news on June 17

Interestingly, as soon as CGN Miner platform detects when someone supports COVID-19 BOINC projects, the user will receive CPUcoins. As a reminder, CPUcoin is a utility token that can be traded for other cryptocurrencies. For example, it is possible to trade a CPUcoin for Tether, Bitcoin, and Ether on ProBit Exchange.

People should take into consideration that CPUcoin does not own any computing infrastructure, as network participants own the infrastructure also known as CGN miners. As stated above, users will receive CPUcoin’s native cryptocurrency CPU in return for their computer time. Thanks to CPU and BOINC it is possible to earn cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it is not only about crypto, as it is important to defeat the coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible.

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