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Cryptocurrency and jobs market

Cryptocurrencies and interesting details

Bitcoin and Ethereum are struggling as it is a tough week for the cryptocurrency market. This week Bitcoin was unable to deal with problems. Bitcoin’s price even fell to $7,302, which is the worst result from the beginning of the month. Hopefully, Bitcoin was able to recover as the price surpassed $8,400.

At the moment, Bitcoin’s price is $7,408. It is important to mention that Bitcoin is facing hurdles. The first resistance level is near $7,440. Another problem is that this week, Bitcoin’s price declined by more than $1,000. This may sound unusual, but this is not bad news, because this may limit any additional losses.

Another cryptocurrency that is also in a difficult situation is Ethereum. The second-largest cryptocurrency on the market. Recently, Ethereum’s price declined below $170. It means that the price fell by 7%. Unfortunately, this was the end of problems for Ethereum, as the price even broke the $160 support area.

This trend continued as the price fell to $153. By that time, it was close to the main support level, which is $150. At the moment, Ethereum’s step-by-step started to recover above $155 level. It needs to recover above $162 and $165 resistance levels. This is important because otherwise, it will be hard to start a journey to the top. Right now, Ethereum’s price is $160.

Blockchain industry employees

Jobs in the Blockchain industry

According to LinkedIn, working for the cryptocurrency exchange is a good idea. This conclusion comes from LinkedIn’s “The 50 hottest U.S. companies to work for” list. There are several crypto-related companies among the best U.S. companies.

For example, crypto-trading startup Robinhood not only made it to the list but is among the top 10 companies. It is on the seventh place. As mentioned-above several companies are part of this list. Another company is the payment startup Ripple, which is in 28th place. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is in the 29th place.

The presence of crypto-related companies underlines the fact that the blockchain industry has a huge potential when it comes to employment. Another exciting information connected to cryptocurrencies is that Ripple is also part of another list.

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According to the research firm Good Place to Work, Ripple is among the best employers when it comes to the technology industry. It is worth mentioning that we are talking about the San Francisco Bay area.


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