Cryptocurrency News: The Indian Government Bans Bitcoin

The future of the local crypto industry

India seems to be all set into banning private cryptocurrencies.

In cryptocurrency news, all private cryptocurrencies not including the ones issued by the state, be outlawed in the country as the Reserve Bank of India requested.

The central bank endorses the elimination of the interface of institutions for cryptocurrencies to be regulated.

Apart from declaring any activities related to virtual currencies as a criminal act, further suggestions of an inter-ministerial committee came to outlaw private cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin.

The committee, including the Secretary of Economic Affairs, along with SEBI chairman as well as the deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India, suggests a restriction on cryptocurrency.

They sturdily batted for an overview of the official digital currency, which can moreover attain the status of a legal tender regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

On Monday, the government received the report submitted by the committee along with a draft bill.

For a final decision, the draft bill will be subject to review and inspection by the government.

It is with active collaboration with concerned departments and regulatory authorities.

The Department of Economic Affairs listed a copy of the report and the draft bill for “Banning of Cryptocurrency & Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019” on their official website.

The report declares that there are around 2,116 cryptocurrencies.

It includes Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Cardano with a market capitalization of $119.46 billion.

India’s Sentiment Towards Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency News – Bitcoin with Indian Rupee coins.

The report recognizes some applied claims for the “official” digital currency.

These include the central bank digital currency and e-money. It is also emphasizing concerns that focus on the “unofficial” cryptocurrencies.

The unofficial digital currencies are almost commonly driven by widespread allegations and lack of intrinsic value.

The news report indicates that even the useful tokens with identifiable purposes have “negligible” inherent value assuming the chance of any utility token becoming useless as the technology develops.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is consuming a lot of energy.

Significant reports in cryptocurrency news said common mistakes further happen as issues from the factually incorrect perspective of energy consumption per transaction rises.

Common mistakes happen as issues from the factually incorrect perspective of energy consumption per transaction rises.

Also, consensus mechanisms, discounted shading, and other scaling techniques ignore all non-proof of work.

In facilitating criminal activity, Bitcoin can be further used for it can present a headache for law enforcement.

The unclear legal status of virtual currencies generates problems for law enforcement.  Framing of charges struggles into catching criminals using virtual currencies.

To prevent these harms, carrying out of a comprehensive law on the virtual currency should be convincing. Taking a look at the several examples of the harms ascending from unregulated virtual currency, it is obvious.

Monetary policy risks

Non-official simulated currencies possibly will affect the capability of central banks to carry out their orders.

Central banks will not order the money supply if non-official virtual currencies are using them. That limits their ability to ease the economy.

Also, cross-border transactions with non-official virtual currencies can disrupt bounds on the inflow and outflow of money, as reported on another cryptocurrency news.

That happens mainly in such transactions that are irrevocable.

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