Derivatives Analysis Firm Acuiti and Crypto Adoption

Crypto industry and trading firms

The derivative analysis firm Acuiti released its special report called “Institutional Adoption of Digital Asset Trading”. Acuiti prepared this report in cooperation with Bitstamp and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Interestingly, this report revealed a growing interest in listing crypto assets among the institutions, despite compliance concerns.

It is worth mentioning that information came from the 86 senior executives, who work for trading groups that specialize in traditional derivatives trading, clearing, and execution. Moreover, the report also includes information from the trading firms which specialize in cryptocurrencies.

Report and crypto industry Crypto and new possibilities

This report revealed many interesting details about crypto adoption. Based on this report, 17% of traditional trading firms already adopted crypto assets.

Importantly, the study found that among all trade service providers, one-in-four respondents support crypto assets.

It is important to keep in mind that, according to this report, 45% that do not currently support crypto assets want to improve the situation. As a result, they plan to consider the idea once more within the next six months.

Moreover, 97% of the companies that participated in the survey are willing to reconsider their decision within two years.

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In terms of crypto adoption, trading firms based in the Asia-Pacific region reported the best results, as 57% of companies adopted assets.

Another interesting information from this report is that North American companies have the largest differential between demand and adoption. This report found that companies met only half of the demand for digital assets.

Notably, most of the companies which adopted crypto made this decision within the last 12 months.

Crypto adoption is not an easy task due to various factors. The respondents identified the three greatest risks companies associate with listing digital assets.

One of them is the fear of getting hacked, another risk factor is general security concerns. Traditional trading firms mentioned problems connected with custody solutions available for storing crypto assets.

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