Digital currencies and global tendencies

Digital currency market on October 10

The cryptocurrency market is growing, and practically every day something unusual happens which is connected to digital currencies. As a result, people have to spend more time looking for information regarding cryptocurrencies. Hopefully, media outlets and the crypto community are also paying more attention to this evolving business.

Crypto-related news even comes from the most authoritarian and isolated country in the world, which is North Korea. This country hosted a crypto conference and plans to organize even a bigger one next year in the capital of North Korea.

However, this time, the news is about cryptocurrency exchanges. Crypto exchange Binance launched the eight-phase of its lending products. Several days Binance offered a special deal for its customers. They offer 14-day fixed-term lending products will for its subscribers.

The point of how it operates is very simple as it is a first-come, first-serve principle. The subscription period starts on October 10 and will continue for a month. It will end on November 10. The subscribers will receive the interest as soon as the term matures.

The digital currency market is a relatively new business, but it does not mean that there are no major players on the market. For example, eight major cryptocurrency exchanges are controlling almost 7% of the entire circulating supply of Bitcoin. It means that nearly $10 billion in Bitcoin is under the control of several major exchanges.

Digital currencies on Thursday

Digital currency news

The price of Bitcoin, as well as the Ethereum, increased on Thursday. Bitcoin’s price rose by 5%. At the same time, Ethereum’s price increased by 5%.

It is important to mention that the number one digital currency, which is 

Bitcoin and number two which is the Ethereum strengthened their positions. This happened despite the fact that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) did not approve the creation of the exchange-traded fund. 

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