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The first launcher of the mesh router system, Eero, announced its biggest update in the mobile app in iOS 13. The redesign includes simpler and cleaner details than the prior version.

Four tabbed layouts replaced the app’s slide-out menu with the labels Home, Activity, Discover, and Settings.

The Home tab now separates each connected device by categories like Personal, Entertainment, and Computers. Users can now also add a device with a tap via QR codes or an Amazon wi-fi setup.

Users can check speed test results in the Activity tab. If they are subscribed to Eero’s Secure service, they can also see network activity info.

New features and services in Eero’s Secure and Amazon Wi-fi are in the Discover tab. Nick Weaver, Eero CEO, said the company aims to offer integrations that connect, secure, and manage their “connected” home.

The app offers the new dark mode featured in iOS 13 and plans to launch in Android soon.

Apple’s HomeKit won’t be available in the app, however. A representative of the router system company claims they have nothing to contribute to the kit.

Eero Launches One More Mesh

Eero: Wi-Fi wireless internet router on dark background

Eero launched its latest router system earlier this year. The set comes with easier usage, but also a comparably slow connection against its competitors.

A single unit is available on Amazon for $99. Users can also pay $249 for a three-unit pack.

The company recommends one unit for a 1,5002ft home and a three-pack for 5,0002ft.

In testing, the new unit offers 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks under the same network name. Testers warn the lack of the third 5GHz band the Pro router provides for a faster link between each unit.

When a tester tried a three-pack in a 2,0002ft split-level home, the nodes reached speeds over 400 Mbps for output and input. However, the tester warned a larger unit could cause speed falloff.

Much like the latest version’s predecessors, the tester claims the router provides coverage throughout any point at home. It kept connections stable while transferring from room to room and could also handle almost 50 simultaneously connected devices.

The router also now has a lower price than its previous version while still providing compatibility to other Eero devices. Its Pro version and Beacon kit cost $400, so users can easily go for a cheaper but less powerful option.

Amazon’s Eerie Acquisition

The American multinational e-commerce giant Amazon announced its acquisition of Eero last February with a non-disclosed price. Amazon claimed purchasing the company was to help consumers “better connect to smart home devices.”

Amazon’s SVP of devices said the company was impressed by the mesh router team and ought to share a vision. The smart home experience can ger easier, he claimed, and both companies are committed to innovating for their customers.

At the news, some users raised concerns about a possible threat to their personal privacy via Alexa. The acquired’s support team quickly resolved the matter with a statement that the router will not track internet activity.

One of Eero’s ex-employees said the undisclosed price instantly lead him to believe “it was bad.” The company seemingly had a debt for hardware manufacturing costs, and some investors agreed that might be the case.

Ten executives received the majority of the questionable acquisition cost, including Eero’s three founders. Former employees also speculated a larger share if these executives didn’t receive as much as they did.

The acquisition rendered Eero stock at $0.03 per share against its common stock high of $3.54 in 2017.

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