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Epic Games Store Approved on iOS in EU, 2024

Epic Games Store одобрен на iOS в ЕС в 2024 году

Quick Look:

  • Epic Games navigated Apple’s notarization, marking a milestone amid ongoing legal battles.
  • Sweeney’s ambitious mission to break Apple’s monopoly is not just a personal goal but a movement that aligns with the EU’s Digital Markets Act for fairer app marketplaces. 
  • Apple allows third-party app stores on iOS in the EU, responding to regulatory pressure while maintaining ecosystem integrity.
  • The Epic Games Store app’s temporary approval requires future changes, highlighting ongoing Apple-Epic tensions.

In an unexpected turn of events, 2024 has brought a monumental change to the EU mobile app landscape. The Epic Games Store for iOS successfully navigated Apple’s stringent notarization process, marking a significant milestone in Epic Games’ efforts to establish an alternative game store on Apple’s platform. This approval is noteworthy amid contentious public relations campaigns and legal battles between Epic Games and Apple.

Tim Sweeney’s Vision: Breaking Apple’s Monopoly

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has been a vocal critic of Apple’s monopolistic practices, particularly the 30% commission on app revenues and the perceived anti-competitive app approval process. Sweeney’s ultimate goal is to offer consumers and developers an alternative platform that promises more freedom and fairer revenue sharing. This ambition aligns perfectly with the European Union’s DMA, which mandates significant changes in how tech giants operate within the EU.

Apple’s Compliance with the Digital Markets Act

In early 2024, Apple announced its intention to comply with the DMA by allowing third-party app stores on iOS devices within the European Union. This policy change directly responds to the EU’s stringent regulatory environment and includes provisions for sideloading and alternative app marketplaces. However, there are caveats that app developers must adhere to, ensuring a balance between regulatory compliance and maintaining Apple’s ecosystem’s integrity.

A Rocky Path to Approval

The journey towards approval has been challenging for Epic Games. The Epic Games Store app faced two rejections from Apple, citing button similarity to Apple’s designs. Epic Games accused Apple on social media of obstruction and DMA violations. This dispute underscores the tension between tech giants navigating regulatory landscapes to protect their interests.

Temporary Approval: A Double-Edged Sword

Despite the initial hurdles, the Epic Games Store app has been granted temporary approval. However, this approval comes with strings attached. Apple requires changes to the app’s copy and buttons in future versions, a condition Epic Games has publicly disputed. Tim Sweeney’s remarks on X encapsulate the frustration, describing the approval process as “absurd” and vowing to fight the mandated changes. This tug-of-war illustrates the complex dynamics as both companies seek to assert control over the user experience on iOS devices.

Building the Future: Epic’s Next Steps

Looking ahead, Epic Games is focused on building critical components of its new storefront, including a mobile payment system tailored for iPhone and iPad users in the European Union. This endeavour is part of a broader strategy to create a robust and user-friendly alternative to the Apple App Store. Epic aims to empower developers with better revenue models and offer consumers a more diverse app marketplace.

The Road Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities

Approving the Epic Games Store app on iOS in the European Union marks a significant step forward but also sets the stage for future challenges. The broader tech industry will watch closely as Apple and Epic continue their contentious relationship. Implementing the DMA and its impact on the app ecosystem could establish precedents and shape digital marketplaces worldwide. Tim Sweeney’s vision of a more accessible, competitive mobile app environment in the EU appears closer than ever, promising exciting developments for developers and consumers.


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