Mon, February 06, 2023

Equiti Group and Acuity Trading agree on Partnership

Equiti Group and Acuity Trading agree on Partnership

Equiti Group has enhanced its market research tools offered to trades with a three-way partnership with Acuity Trading. Equity Group is a multi-asset brokerage, while Acuity Trading is a financial technology firm and market news provider. 

The partnership will enhance the supply of market news to traders on Equiti. 

Equiti’s AI-driven solution helps traders in building market strategies. Acuity Trading uses proprietary NLP technology to provide market sentiment data to investors and brokers. 

Equiti Group CEO Iskandar Najjar said they were paving the way in online trading through new technology.

Their clients are increasingly incorporating non-traditional data in their investment and strategic business decisions. 

He added that they were committed to helping their clients extract high-value insights from databases faster through sophisticated models, and innovative technologies like those Acuity has developed. 

Enhancing Client Experience 

With its global presence, Equiti is a major brokerage services provider. Its CFDs offerings range from forex, commodities, indices, and stocks. 

Recently, a subsidiary of the group strengthened its offerings by deploying Lucera LumeFX’s FX aggregator.

Andrew Lane, CEO of Equiti, said the company endeavors to set new industry standards globally. They work to establish new partnerships in new markets and demonstrate their ability and commitment to providing traders and brokers globally with access to market-leading products. 

He added that the company was aligned to financial technology in the future. They look forward to collaborating in innovation and growing their services to offer world-class trading tools and technologies. 



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