Equiti Group Partners with BridgerPay

Equiti Group

Equiti Group, the multi-asset broker reported a 30% increase in global deposit approvals. Equity now offers over 100 local payment solutions in Latin America.

Today, Equiti Group – a multi-asset brokerage announced its partnership with BridgerPay – an intelligent payments platform. The partnership aims to expand the list of global payment solutions and expand in critical regions.

Equiti Group reported a 30% increase in global deposit approvals against the industry average of 10-20%. The broker also reported the additional 30 local payment solutions in the South East Asian region. Equiti plans to expand in the Latin America region, thanks to the new collaboration.

The multi-asset brokerage has a wide range of payment solutions for Latin America. It now offers more than 100 payment solutions in the Latin American region. It’s one of the few companies to do so.

Gareth Bateman, the Head of Global Payments at Equiti Group, says that the significant increase in their approval ratios in 2020 was due to their adoption of BridgePay’ s Retry technology. The technology decreased cart abandonment rate and increased approval ratio with the rescue of a failed transaction.

Expanded payment offerings

The new partnership enables the brokerage firm to rapidly integrate a wide range of local payment service providers into the system.

Ran Cohen, the CEO and Founder of BridgerPay said it was their pleasure to work with a team of professionals who had only one outcome for their vision, and that was a success. He added that once they understood the business needs, they would perfect the payment experience, get the perfect mix of payment providers for local and global solutions, and optimize them.

He said they were proud to see growth in all Equiti metrics; from rescued transactions, increased approval ratios, to entire processes volumes, even given the COVID-19 disruption. They were ecstatic to have Equiti as their flagship client.

One key benefit of the partnership is the introduction of a range of alternative payment options such as credit, e-wallet, debit cards, mobile money, online payments, and Equiti branded prepaid cards.

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