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The EUR to CHF trading pair is seen struggling in Thursday’s trading sessions. Despite the single currency’s gains against other major currencies, its forex pair with the Swiss franc remains flat.

The strength of the single currency to rally against other major currencies came ahead of the ECB’s highly anticipated meeting today. However, the EUR to CHF struggle was due to the newly released French and German data.

The EUR to CHF exchange rate contracted by 0.03%, or 0.0003 points, in Thursday’s trading. The pair currently trades for Fr1.0925 in sessions, slightly lower from its previous close of Fr1.0928.

EUR to CHF traders started their day on a positive note as the pair edged higher, but soon felt turbulence as the exchange rate fell. The EUR to CHF recording levels from Fr1.0915 to Fr1.0947.

The Italian unemployment rate caused the EUR to CHF falter as data from the report disappoints euro traders. Italy’s quarterly unemployment rate fell from 10.3% to 9.9%, its lowest record since 2011.

Euro Run

Wibest – EUR to CHF: EUR

In contrast to the EUR to CHF trading pair, the EUR rallied against the USD, GBP, and JPY in today’s trading.

The EUR to USD exchange rate is seen inching up by 0.13%, or 0.0014 points, in sessions. The EURUSD currently trades for $1.1025 and has extended its run from $1.1006 to $1.1033.

Another pair that soared in sessions is the EUR to JPY, the pair edged its way up by 0.20% or 0.24 points. The EURJPY currently exchanges for ¥118.93 against its last close of ¥118.69.

Meanwhile, the pound sterling failed to hold on to its gains against the single currency from yesterday’s sessions. The EUR to GBP exchange rate recovered 0.22% or 0.0020 points in Thursday’s trading.

The EUR to GBP trading pair fell as low as £0.8907 yesterday, but now it currently trades for £0.8949.

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