EUR-USD Edged Down in Last Week’s Trading

Wibest – EUR-USD: Euro and US dollar bills.

The EUR-USD trading pair weakened in last week’s trading after the US economic growth report bolstered the greenback in session.

The EUR-USD trading pair went down by 0.11%, or 0.0012 points, hitting levels between $1.1035 and $1.1061 in Friday’s session.

The pair gradually declined through out last week’s trading. The EUR-USD started from $1.1160 on Monday down to as low as $1.1035 in Friday.

News from the United States economic growth report continued to give the greenback strength in last week’s trading. The report showed that the US economic growth rate met the expectation of analysts of 1.0% this month.

The data allowed the USD to rise against some of the major currencies in the forex market and the US dollar indices to rally.

The US dollar index also saw positive gains last Friday as it went up by 0.05% or 0.05 points in trading sessions. Meanwhile, the US dollar index futures for September 19 inched up by 0.02%- or 0.17-points last week.

Other FX Pairs

Wibest – EUR-USD: US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan bills.

Aside from the EUR-USD pair, the greenback saw positive territories last week. The GBP-USD trading pair went down by 0.17% or 0.0021 points in Friday’s session.

The GBP to USD pair had a wild run last week as it declined on Monday to Tuesday, rallied on Wednesday, and declined again on Thursday and Friday.

The USD-CAD trading pair rose by 0.15%, or 0.0020 points, last Friday’s trading. The greenback extended its gains against the Canadian dollar from CA$1.3276 to CA$1.3312 in sessions.

And the AUD-USD exchange pair inched lower by 0.10%, or 0.0005 points, hitting levels between $0.6706 and $0.6736 in Friday’s trading.

Meanwhile, the greenback lost against two of the major currencies in Asia last Friday, the Chinese yuan and Japanese yen.

The CNY-USD pair went up by 0.14%, or 0.0002 points. And the USD-JPY pair went down by 0.08%, or 0.09, points last Friday.

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