European and Chinese stock markets on Tuesday

Euro zone and first quarter of 2020

European and Chinese stock markets decreased on September 10. There are multiple factors which affect the stock markets across the world. In the case of the European stocks, one of the most severe factors is the upcoming meeting of the European Central Bank. However, the trade war more precisely the trade talks scheduled for October is another factor. Across the Atlantic, the U.S. Federal Reserve’s meeting will also influence the overall situation of the European stock markets.

The ECB meeting will take place on Thursday. This is meeting come at a time when Eurozone is struggling to deal with the problems. Investors and analysts are monitoring the situation. According to economists from BNP Paribas, there is a chance that ECB will reduce the deposit rate. Economists think that European Central Bank might lower this rate by ten basis point. Another news connected to the ECB meeting is that the central bank might announce a stimulus package. This an important decision as mentioned-above Eurozone is in a tough position.Asian stock market news

The Shares of Electricite de France fell by 6% on Tuesday. This happened after the company announced that Faramatome detected problems connected with the manufacturing parts. The Electicite de France, the major owner of Farmatome. According to the information, there are problems with parts which are in service. Moreover, new components which are not yet in service also have some issues.

The German DAX index declined by 0.32% to 12,186. However, DAX was able to recover, and at the moment index rose by 0.37% to 12,272.

The Stoxx Europe 600 index fell by 0.03% to 385.99. The French CAC 40 fell by 0.59%, but right now CAC 40 is on the rise. However, its index rose by 0.02% to 386.11.

Chinese stock indexes

The Chinese stock indexes are experienced problems. The Shanghai Composite Index fell by 0.12% to 3,021. Hong Kong’s Seng Index remained at the same level, but it was still negative.

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