Expedia and Crypto Travel Platform Travala.com

Expedia and crypto industry

The crypto industry continues to develop thanks to various projects. An American online travel shopping company Expedia Group partnered with crypto travel platform Travala.com. Thanks to their cooperation, customers have the opportunity to book more than 700,000 accommodations with cryptocurrency through the crypto travel platform.

Based on the information provided by Travala.com, the firm added more than 700,000 accommodations to its crypto-powered platform. As a result, customers have the ability to choose from more than 2.7 million options available in 230 countries.

This is not the end of the story, as Expedia wants to scale up Travala.com’s business faster to achieve even better results. It is worth mentioning that Expedia understands the importance of innovation as well as allowing users to choose their preferred payment method.

Travala.com collaborated with a subsidiary of travel agent Expedia, dubbed Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS). Thanks to EPS, the crypto travel platform was able to access its rapid application programming interface. Thus, Travala.com is able to offer Expedia’s accommodations to its users.


Crypto travel platform and new opportunities

Interestingly, Travala.com is actively working to expand its services. For example, in 2019, the crypto travel platform reached an agreement with Booking.com. Consequently, Travala.com added more than 90,000 to its platform.

Cryptocurrencies and travel industry

Based on the information provided by the firm, its revenue in the month of December increased by 33%, after reaching an agreement with Booking.com. This information once more proves that Travala.com made the right decision when it decided to work with Booking.com.

Furthermore, the crypto travel platform merged with the cryptocurrency flight booking service TravelByBit in late May. Thanks to this decision, the platform has the opportunity to offer a more comprehensive service to travelers who would like to spend crypto assets.

The coronavirus pandemic created a lot of problems for the travel industry. However, thanks to such collaborations, it is possible to limit the damage caused by coronavirus.

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