Facebook is taking inspiration from Clubhouse

facebook and clubhouse

It was reported in February that Facebook is building a Clubhouse rival. Clubhouse being the new fully audio-based social network that has been getting a lot of attention recently. Still, questions about what that product will look like or how it will work have remained unanswered.

Alessandro Paluzzi, developer and reverse engineer, has figured out how to enable the new feature in Facebook’s mobile app, which is still hidden from regular users. The images were shared by TechCrunch, revealing how the feature is expected to work. Facebook confirmed the images are examples of its exploratory audio efforts. However, it warned that they don’t represent a live product at this time.

The new audio feature would be integrated into Messenger Rooms, a Facebook platform similar to Zoom with audio and video chats. Users will soon find an option to start a Live Audio broadcast, enabling them to hear what you’re saying. This function is similar to Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces.

it’s unknown what the final version of Live Audio room will look like

After creating a Live Audio room, you can invite other users to join through a Facebook post, direct message on Messenger, or by sharing a public link. The positioning of the profile pictures of the users in that room is in a circular shape. Furthermore, similar to Clubhouse, the room will display the profiles separately as speakers, people followed by speakers, and others.

However, Paluzzi announced, this is just an unfinished interface that’s not even functional at this point. Therefore, it’s unknown what will final version look like. However, undoubtedly, Facebook appears to be taking full inspiration from Clubhouse.

Furthermore, Twitter has been expanding its Spaces feature to more users in the last weeks with plans to make it available to everyone starting in April.

Clubhouse surpassed 8 million downloads on the App Store last month. It ia anticipated that other companies will try to reach this audience as there appears to be a huge interest in audio apps right now.

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