Former CEO of Yahoo Launched Sunshine, a software Start-Up

Silicon Valley Start-up

Marissa Mayer worked for Google after graduating from Stanford University in 1999. She is a successful businesswoman and investor. Mayer served as the president and CEO of Yahoo from 2012 before leaving the company in 2017. Last week, Mayer announced the launch of Sunshine, a consumer software start-up.

This start-up is debuting with an address book app that is using artificial intelligence. Let’s have a look at Sunshine. It is worth mentioning that, at launch Mayer’s start-up is rolling out Sunshine Contacts, an address book app that relies on artificial intelligence to find as well as to merge duplicate contacts.

Moreover, the app takes care of incomplete information and keeps the data up to date. Interestingly, the app integrates with the iOS Contacts App and Gmail. This is not the end of the story, as it will be free to all iOS users with an invitation.

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New Start-up and plans for the future

Importantly, the new app is also designed to make it easy to share contact information with others or keep that data updated for others. For instance, one feature allows users to change their contact info within the app and push it as an update to others who have their information and use Sunshine Contacts.

Interestingly, Sunshine Contacts is the first in a suite of planned consumer Apps. The start-up founded by Marissa Mayer and Enrique Munoz Torres aims to release apps focused on family sharing, scheduling, event organization, and small group communication.

People would be glad to hear that, unlike most consumer tech companies, Sunshine vows not to make a business out of the data users store in its services.

According to Mayer, consumers are willing to pay for apps that provide them with value. Sunshine has the chance to attract users thanks to its business model. Sunshine Contacts will be free at launch, but in the future, they will be able to pay for additional features within Sunshine apps.

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