French Restaurants, Bitcoin, and a Major British Company


The coronavirus pandemic created a lot of problems for the restaurants, as they suffered huge losses. Nevertheless, thanks to various delivery platforms it is possible to minimize the damage caused by the pandemic. Recently, Just Eat added cryptocurrency payment support for its subsidiary in France. Importantly, Just Eat is a major British online food order and delivery platform that operates in 13 countries.

It is worth noting that, Just Eat collaborated with the cryptocurrency payment provider Bitpay to accomplish this goal. Users will be able to pay in Bitcoin and thanks to Just Eat and Bitpay.

Moreover, customers will now be able to order food from thousands of restaurants located in France.

Bitcoin and French customers

Just Eat and Bitpay

Customers have to fulfill certain conditions. They have to create a digital wallet by downloading special software or an app. Furthermore, the next step is to link it to the Just Eat application.

French users can choose the Bitcoin payment option upon checkout that will redirect the users to the Bitpay payment portal.

Notably, the calculation of Bitcoin’s price depends on its current price on Bitpay. Hopefully, the delivery platform will not charge any transaction fee for the cryptocurrency payments.

People should take into account that, if a user cancels an order paid for in Bitcoin, the platform will make a refund of the paid amount in euros in the user’s bank account instead of Bitcoin. Additionally, the amount will not depend on the real-time price of Bitcoin.

As seen from the information above, customers in France will be able to choose the Bitcoin payment option. Moreover, other companies in France, Germany, Italy, and other countries should embrace cryptocurrencies.

Just Eat in cooperation with Bitpay made life easier for people who would like to use Bitcoin on a regular basis when it comes to ordering food

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