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After years of using execution data solely for internal affairs, online FOREX broker FXCM Group, LLC, announced an offering expansion. The broker launched a suite of real-time data to suit different trading requirements.

Data products will provide insights for customers, snapshots of market activity, and an accurate representation of client behavior.

Moreover, the firm now also offers live pricing updates sourced from major interbank and non-bank market makers. Expect updates multiple times per second in real-time via an API.

Chief Commercial Officer Siju Daniel said publicizing its market data is part of a long-time goal.

Additionally, Daniel believes the added tools are the best to support the company’s strategies and comprehensive data solutions. Their unique offerings information ensures that clients are fully informed before they make trade decisions.

FXCM will also offer premium data products, Retail Sentiment Data, Trade Tape, and Volume. These data products will allow clients to build strategies for trading.

FXCM Crypto Baskets 

FXCM expanded its cryptocurrency offering with crypto baskets for its retail clients last October. The baskets, named CryptoMajor, will allow investors to seamlessly invest in multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, and Ripple make up the digital basket, giving equal weight to each coin. This provides enough weight distribution across each coin in the basket, unlike other basket counterparts.

Investors won’t have to monitor markets constantly, the broker’s CEO Brendan Callan said. CyrptoMajor streamlines trading processes and protects its customers from unexpected market movements.

The basket prevents “too much overexposure,” he continued.

CryptoMajor is available in the firm’s flagship platforms, MetaTrader 4, Ninjatrader, and API. It stands as the company’s third basket, accompanying the Dollar Index Basket and the Yen Index Basket.

Said offerings are used as the base currency for each basket.

The FX and CFD trading provider began offering Bitcoin Cash and Ripple in May 2019.

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