Thu, December 08, 2022

Google Enables Ethereum Merge Countdown


Cryptocurrency news have been in a bit of a slump lately has enthusiasm has deflated. Economic troubles have caused a mass selloff, leaving even the usual big names like Bitcoin in the mud. However, Ethereum has been an exciting runner-up for quite a while now, and may be progressing towards the first place.

A major move in the cryptocurrency’s history is about to happen, the so-called Ethereum merge. Without getting too technical, it means Ethereum will progress from proof of work to proof of stake. In turn, that will make transfers much faster and offer numerous other benefits to users.

In theory, it’s supposed to be Ethereum’s effort that moves it toward everyday integration. A major issue with cryptocurrencies is that they’re difficult to use and too slow for regular payments. The new proof of stake model would counter that, as well as improve other qualities of the cryptocurrency. In other words, it would become more sustainable and scaleable, solving some major problems.

And the magnitude of the move has definitely caught the attention of the crypto world. Even many outside the sphere of digital currencies have been engaged by the news. So many people have researched the topic, in fact, that Google has decided to integrate a live timer.

The zero position when you search Ethereum Merge will now be occupied by a timer showing how much time is left. We can see that Luxembourg was most interested in the change, followed by St. Helena and Singapore. Google’s recognition also marks a major step toward cryptocurrencies becoming more widely accessible and open.

Sam Padilla, a Cloud developer at Google, spearheaded the change and instigated the idea of integrating the timer. However, Padilla also explains that other teams were more than eager to help build and integrate the new feature.


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