Google Graveyard has New Addition: Play Music


One of the most renounced internet-related service provider giant releases tons of products each year to shut them down and throw them in trash google Cemetery is not an unknown thing: it is a list of dead Google products that used to be loved by millions but now became a part of history. . The internet mega-giant is a big fan of quarterly spring cleanings, where it gets rid of the old programs and apps.

Google Play music website has recently announced that it will stop working for all users worldwide. At the start of December, the announcement was made as Google has already begun shutting down its streaming service on Google Play.  Thus, quite soon, the music service provider will soon be dead for all the users worldwide.

However, this announcement is not as sad as it sounds. This decision marks the biggest milestone in the transition from Google Play to YouTube music; thus, the Play Music library will be replaced with YouTube Services (or a download via Google Takeout).

Time to transfer your Play Music library

If you are a fellow music lover and have a lovely collection in your Google Play library, it’s time to save your favorite songs. Make sure not to forget February 24th: as you’ll have to transfer your Play Music library to the replacement YouTube service or download using Google Takeout.

Alternatively, if you are confused about what you can do to solve the issue, find the Manage the music section to let you download data using Google Takeout until later this month. Here are the steps you can take:

  1. Download your music library.
  2. Delete your recommendation history.
  3. Delete your music library.


Play Music transfer deadline.

Per Google’s original timeline, the execution deadline was planned for December 31st, 2020;  several additional weeks were provided. However, the plans changed. In fact, at the start of February, the internet giant gave three weeks’ notice via email. The statement was about its plans to automatically remove all Play Music user data on Wednesday, February 24th.

In the message, Google identifies users that already transferred to YouTube Music to give them the option to transfer again. Thus their music library is up to date if they made any changes in GPM.

Brace your favorite songs, and hurry up before it’s too late.


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