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Everyone’s favorite Google is developing its real-time caption feature, Live Captions, from Pixel phones to anyone using a Chrome browser. Live Captions utilizes machine learning to immediately create captions for videos or audio where none existed before and making the web that much more convenient for anyone who’s deaf or hard of hearing.

When enabled, Live Captions automatically appear in a small, moveable box at the bottom of your browser while watching or listening to content where people are speaking. In general, the feature is just as excellent as it was when it first appeared on Pixel phones in 2019. Notably, captions will even appear with muted audio, even when volume turned down, making it a way to “watch” videos or podcasts without disturbing others around you.

Live Captions in Chrome only work in English

It’s essential to mention that Chrome’s Live Captions worked on YouTube videos, Twitch streams, podcast players, and even music streaming services such as SoundCloud. However, it seems that Live Captions in Chrome only work in English, which is also the case on mobile.

Live Captions can be available in the latest version of Chrome. In order to use it, you should go to Settings, then Advanced section, and then Accessibility. When you switch them on, Chrome will immediately download some speech recognition files. The captions should appear the next time your browser plays audio.

Providing you have the option to resume from where you left off enabled when you close your browser. Moreover, the good thing is that the names you have configured will not be deleted, and you can load next time you’ll use the app.

Notably, Live Captions were first introduced in the Android Q beta. However, until today,  they were exclusive to some Pixel and Samsung phones. As they’re on Chrome, Live Captions will be available to a much wider audience.

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