Graham Alpha Review

Graham Alpha Review
General Information
Broker Name:Graham Alpha
Broker Type:forex
Operating Since (Year):-
Regulation:Not Regulated
Address:Sofia 1202, Sofia District (Metropolis) , metropolitan municipality, district of Serdika, 3 Listopad Str, App 12
Broker status:Active
Customer Service
Phone:+442038075176 /
Languages:English, German
Trading platforms:Acriv8
Trading platform Time zone: N/A
Demo account:N/A
Mobile trading:Yes
Web-based trading:Yes
Other trading instruments:N/A
Minimum deposit ($):N/A
Maximal leverage:1:200
Scalping allowed:N/A

Graham Alpha review: Beware of this Offshore Broker

Grahamalpha logo

Graham Alpha is an unregulated broker owned by EZ2Go Ltd and located at Sofia 1202, Sofia District (Metropolis), metropolitan municipality, district of Serdika, 3 Listopad Str, App 12.

Their phone number: +442038075176

e-mail to /

You should avoid any unregulated or offshore broker, and Graham Alpha is one of them.


The website claims the broker company is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The local license issuer is the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC). Bulgaria is known to host some shady firms. Also, the FSC agency is not the most renowned.


The agency is not the most renowned, and Bulgaria is known to host some shady firms, yet there is an upside to it. There is a compensation scheme that covers 90% of the client’s funds in the event the brokers become insolvent.

Furthermore, nowhere does it say on the broker’s website that the broker is an actual holder of a license, meaning that Grahamalpha is most definitely UNREGULATED.


Traders should be trading with risk-free brokers.  Unlicensed brokers do not care about the client’s safety of funds as a primary goal. This means that any investment with this one will put all funds at immediate risk.

Graham Alpha does not provide any safety of client funds, so beware!

Graham Alpha Account Types

Graham Alpha Account Types

The broker offers three account types. This amount of account types is prevalent among brokers, so nothing special in here. However, Graham Alpha has no demo account, keep that in mind.


  1. Type of spread: Static
  2. Trading Platform: GrahamAlpha
  3. access to 100+ assets
  4. Personal manager
  5. Leverage 200
  6. News Feed
  7. Financial calendar
  8. Minimal lot size 0.1


  1. Type of spread: Static
  2. Trading Platform: GrahamAlpha
  3. Personal manager
  4. Welcome Bonus Up to 25%
  5. Access to Masters Partial
  6. Financial calendar
  7. News Feed
  8. Minimal lot size 0.5


  1. Type of spread: Static
  2. Trading Platform: GrahamAlpha
  3. Personal manager
  4. Welcome Bonus Up to 50%
  5. Leverage Up to 400
  6. Access to Masters Full
  7. Analytical updates
  8. Financial calendar
  9. News Feed
  10. Minimal lot size 1

Graham Alpha Trading Software

The broker is comprehensive with its promises of both an MT4 and Activ8 trading platforms. However, promises remain as nothing but whisper ti the winds, as MT4 on the website doe does not work correctly. Activ8 fails miserably and crashes pretty frequently.

Graham Alpha Trading Software

We opened a live account and were given options to access the Activ8 platform. The login button did us no right, redirecting s to a dead end. Meanwhile, the MT4, we were offered no download button.  The MetaTrader was just there to make the website catchier and beautiful. No functionality whatsoever. Unfortunately, it’s common for scam brokers to do this type of thing. They advertise trading terminals to lure in unsuspecting novice traders and then take their money.

Unfortunately, because of the missing trading platforms

Unfortunately, because of the missing trading platforms, we cannot give you any proper and verified trading conditions, spreads, leverages, and trading assets. Nothing.

Graham Alpha Withdrawal methods and Deposit fees

The only deposit method, as seen in the client area is PayBox, with a minimum deposit of  USD 250.

As far as withdrawals are concerned, there was no way to withdrawal from the client portal.

The terms and conditions claim that the broker will charge withdrawal/deposit fees every “now and then.”

We strongly advise traders only to deposit the minimum deposit, or better yet- not deposit at all! As for the withdrawals, scammers are known to either deny such requests or impose incoming and unexpected charges.

What do traders say about Graham Alpha?

After doing some research, we found out that a lot of traders are reporting GrahamAlpha and writing bad reviews about it.
It seems like they are not happy about it, and they warn others not to trade with them.

It’s always important to know what other traders are thinking about a broker before using it, and we can say that they are not saying good things about Graham Alpha.

GrahamAlpha review Conclusion: Be incredibly Careful

Unfortunately, Graham Alpha is another scam broker that is trying to steal your money.
Do not trust this broker. It offers nothing of value. No adequate trading platforms, no licenses, no acceptable trading assets, no trading tools, nothing!

Be smarter and choose only regulated and trustworthy brokers!

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