Grant Garcia Joins INTL FCStone

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INTL FCStone Financial has appointed Grant Garcia as its director of structured product sales. The company is the fixed income division of the similarly named group company.
Garcia has nearly a decade of experience in big banks. As a result, the appointment has taken an immediate effect as updated on his Linkedin profile.

He will be a covering asset manager, and deal with the hedge fund, and bank portfolio clients trading new issues and secondary agency mortgage and private-label securities. These will be his responsibilities as director of structured product sales. 

He is an expert in structured products. With almost 9 years of working experience in the financial giants, he is, therefore, a securitized products sales professional. 

Garcia’s appointment came as the ITL FCStone is continuing to expand its structured product offerings to institutional clients. 

INTL FCStone’s New Director of Structured Product Sales

He has joined INTL FCStone from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He then spent one-year-and-five months there as vice president of the company.

Then he spent the last two-and-a-half years as a director who handled the bank’s securitized products sales. This was with a focus on Agency MBS products. That includes TBA, specified pool, ARM, CMO, and derivatives, as seen on his Linkedin.

He specifically handled the business of money managers, hedge funds, bank portfolios, bank servicers, and pension funds. This was with additional coverage responsibilities to mortgage originators, insurance companies, REITs, and GSEs.

Garcia started his career with Credit Suisse in securitized products sales. This covered a broad list of institutional investors across all agency and non-agency mortgage and asset-backed securities.

He is a business administration graduate from Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond. He completed his masters from the same educational institution.

Earlier INTL FCStone announced the closure of its $350M in aggregate principal amount of Senior Secured Notes due 2025 offering. In an all-cash transaction, it also acquired Gain Capital.

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