Guangxi’s New Perspectives for Cooperation with ASEAN

Guangxi’s New Perspectives for Cooperation with ASEAN

The 9th China-ASEAN Technology Transfer and Cooperation Innovation Forum opened in Nanning in September. 

Guangxi’s Technology Department has taken full advantage of its geographical advantage in recent years. A technology, innovation, and science action plan has been implemented around ASEAN countries. Specifically, strengthened China construction – ASEAN Technology Transfer Center in collaboration sought to open a new technological and scientific innovation path.

Led by the Ministry of Technology and Scientists, the Guangxi Department of Science and Technology has developed a new method of technology transfer that has helped CATTC establish intergovernmental technology transfer mechanisms with 9 ASEAN countries, including Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. ASEAN joint technology transfer working groups have been set up with several states. China – ASEAN Technology Transfer Cooperation Network has been established, including ten countries and member countries of the region initiative, including 2600 members.

Guangxi’s Department of Science and Technology actively collaborates with universities inside and outside the country to promote innovative platforms such as the Guangxi Nanyang Center for Regional Development and Scientific and Technological Innovation. They serve Guangxi’s innovation-oriented development strategy to facilitate sharing domestic and international technological and scientific innovation resources on a dual-cycle basis. Technology enterprises and Guanx Universities are setting up 20 joint laboratories and innovation centers.

The mission promotes China’s competitive manufacturing capabilities in economics, science, and technology.

To solve Guangxi’s regional development problems, the Department of Technology and Science has actively promoted joint research and technology institutes between ASEAN and Guangxi-based enterprises. This helped the Chinese University of Medicine, the Academy of Sciences, and Thailand research new coronavirus drugs.


About the new coronavirus pandemic, the first three-dimensional structure analyzed by COVID-19 and adopted worldwide provides support for the development of new SARS-CoV-2 antiviral drugs; This helped the innovative city development project in the Philippines.

The purpose of establishing Guangxi Technology Corporation is to follow the industry transfer trend. The company is headquartered with offices consisting of eight core departments: Operations Center, Channel Sales, Interface Design, Own Brand Operations, Product Planning, Electronic Circuit Development Architecture, Industrial Design, and Call Center.

ASEAN is an intergovernmental organization that promotes regional stability and economic growth among its members. Its member is ten countries. ASEAN was founded in 1967 and since then has been cooperating with governments and various organizations for the development and economic sustainability of the region.

New perspectives and cooperation mean that we should expect good news in terms of development.

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