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Wibest – Hong Kong Chief Executive: Protesters in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said that more violence will not solve the problems encountered by the nation. Lam appeared in a press conference on Tuesday, days after the withdrawal of the Extradition Bill.

The Hong Kong politician also warned officials from the United States not to interfere with the problems regarding the territory. The statement of the Hong Kong Chief Executive came after another week of violence in HK.

The move aimed to pass a bill that supports the people’s pro-democracy movement.

However, the said rally in the US consulate only resulted in another violent clash.

The Hong Kong Chief Executive said that any changes in its economic relationship with the US would affect “mutual benefits.”

After a stubborn three-month stance to push the extradition bill, the Lam finally withdrew the highly controversial bill. In spite of that, the protesters are still dissatisfied and have continued to fight for more democracy in the nation.

The extradition bill would have given the mainland China authority to call on Hong Kong residents for trial. Many of the residents saw this as an example of Hong Kong’s fading autonomy and democracy.

Since the mass rally against the extradition began in June, anti-Beijing demonstrations have continued to result in violence. The severity ranged from police officials wielding batons to a huge count of injuries and 1,300 people taken into custody.

“Way Out”

Wibest – Hong Kong Chief Executive: A cloud of smoke during a protest in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Superman, Li Ka-sing, said that the civil unrest is the worse problem in HK since World War II.  The comment is the first time that Ka-sing spoke about Hong Kong’s crises.

In contrast to the stance of the Hong Kong Chief Executive, the 91-year-old philanthropist called for politicians to hear the youth out.

The most influential businessman in HK referred to the nation’s youth as the “Masters of our future.” Ka-sing hopes the youth would consider the bigger picture and that the officials should pave the way out for them.

The former chairman of CK Asset holdings appeared in front of participants of a religious gathering of 1,000 Buddhists at that time. The event was held at Tsz Shan Monastery in Tai Po, Hong Kong and was organized to pray for the nation.

Warning from China

Aside from the warning from the Hong Kong Chief Executive, the Chinese Ambassador to the UK also warned politicians regarding the issue.

Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said that British politicians are free to express their sentiments about the Hong Kong crisis. The Chinese politician added that other officials should also recognize their limit when commenting.

Liu Xiaoming said that critical comments are not a problem as long as they do not interfere with the situation. Hong Kong continues to be in its worst situation since the nation has been handed down by Britain to China.

The withdrawal of the extradition bill only sparked a greater interest for the people to more democracy. And Chinese officials are speculating if the UK would open its doors for HK citizens who want to flee the nation.

Approximately 3 million people overseas have British national passports, this means the bearers can travel to the UK but aren’t entitled to residency.

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