How Target Motivates its Employees

How Target Motivates its Employees

In September, 4.4 million people left their jobs, and companies are struggling to fill open positions. Since April, more than 24 million people have decided to quit their jobs. The Labor Department reported more than 10 million, more precisely 10.4 million job openings in September. Moreover, there are 5 million fewer people in the labor market today than there were before the pandemic. At least some of them will re-enter the labor market in the future. Many people who left their jobs worked in frontline industries where jobs can’t be done remotely. Nonetheless, Target is not struggling to find employees.

 On Wednesday, the company said that its turnover rate for hourly workers was lower this year than compared with 2019, even after accounting for new hires. It also decided to add 100,000 new temporary employees to meet holiday shopping demand. The retailer is offering its existing workforce five million additional hours of work during the busiest stretch of the year.

 Target is willing to support its employees. This year, the company offers more flexible schedules. Two years ago, more than 20 employees criticized the retailer for cutting their hours, making it difficult to qualify for health insurance through the company. In some cases, workers struggled to pay their bills. 

Target is also training its employees in different positions. Thus, employees who want to work more have the opportunity to complete various tasks. Besides, the retailer raised its starting wage to $15 an hour. The company also offered spot bonuses to workers during the pandemic and expanded its training and benefits packages.


Target and Walmart

During the holidays, the retailer will give $2 more per hour to store staff every Saturday as well as Sunday from November 20 to December 19. Target will also give $2 more per hour to store staff who plans to work on December 24 and December 26. Apart from employees who work in stores, supply chain workers will receive an extra $2 an hour for two weeks from October 10 to December 18. 

Target is not the only major retailer which offers various perks to its employees. Walmart also raised its minimum wage, but it offers $12 per hour and not $15, as in the case of Target. The company added 200,000 new workers to stores and its supply chain to meet holiday demand.

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