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How To Claim Your Litecoin Cash? The Safe Way

How To Claim a Litecoin Cash

The crypto revolution is in full swing, and Litecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. It’s in the top 10 of the cryptocurrency market. LLC represents the forked version of Litecoin which operates in the Bitcoin protocol. The time for the creation of the block of Litecoin is 2.5 minutes which is super fast compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minute time. If you are wondering if litecoin is still a good investment, the answer is yes. According to predictions based on the historical price data, the LLC price could reach $0.48040 at the end of 2021. In this article, we explain how to claim Litecoin Cash.

How To Claim Litecoin Cash

Here is How To Claim Litecoin Cash. If you already have a Litecoin wallet that is securely backed up or you have a third party wallet or maybe a hardware wallet you will need in every case to pass through the next steps to claim your LLC. But if your Litecoin is stored on an exchange, it depends on their will to award you with a free forked LLC.
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So if you are using digital wallets and your main question is how to claim Litecoin cash, here are the instructions.

How To Claim Litecoin Cash step by step guide

Step 1: Transfer your existing LTC to a NEW wallet

This is an essential step since it shields you from thefts of the existing Litecoins since you are required to provide your private key to access your Bitcoin Cash. So be sure that your LTC wallet is empty before providing a private key to LCC. This can be doable by downloading the Litecoin Core on your PC. If you have it already installed, make sure the private key is not present. The private key is the wallet.dat file. Once blockchain finishes syncing the zero balance will be indicated. Click on Settings and access the “encrypt wallet”. Choose a good password, and LTC core will restart. Then, open the file “receiving addresses” where you will find the Litecoin address. Save the address somewhere since this is the new LTC address for the transfer of existing Litecoins. Save your new Litecoin address and close the Litecoin core.

Step 2: How to Download the LLC client

After opening your browser, choose the LLC client according to your operating system. Instal Litecoin cash client on your computer and specify a data directory. This directory should not conflict with LTC core installation. The synchronization will take some time. Once it’s finished, close the application, transfer the old LTC wallet.dat into the LCC directory. There will be an existing wallet that was created during the first execution of the LCC application. You can delete it or overwrite it with old Litecoin wallet.dat. Open again the LLC app where you will see a balance ten times the original Litecoin assets. Send this balance to a crypto exchange that supports LLC deposits where you can trade it for other cryptocurrencies. Pass to the next step.

Step 3: How to send your LCC to a crypto exchange is the most popular exchange that supports LCC. Open the account on a crypto exchange platform that supports LLC. Click on “Wallets” and search for “LCC”. Choose the “deposit” button to get a new address. Copy the newly assigned address and go back to your already open Litecoin Cash app. Click the “send” button, and paste the deposit address. It is advisable to make a test transaction with a small amount to check if everything works right. 

Once you have your Litecoin cash on your account, trade them for whatever cryptocurrency you want. When you receive your coins, you can send them to your private wallet.

For security reasons, it’s also recommended after finishing all these steps, to install the Litecoin Cash app with all the directories on it since it stores around 15 GB and you don’t want to choke your PC with unnecessary data. If you have transferred all your LLC onto your exchange account and don’t want to deal with LLC any more for security reasons, it’s wise to remove the original LTC wallet.dat file. Since you created the new wallet, it contains all your Litecoin Cash. 

How Can I get a Free Litecoin?

You can get free Litecoin using the Litecoin faucet. You need to complete tasks such as a captcha or playing a game. Then you will be able to claim your reward, which is a small amount of LTC. Some faucets have a limited amount of times daily. Some limits are to one hour, or once per day. All payments will be transferred to the LTC wallet chosen by the user.

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