HTC unveiled a crypto-friendly smartphone

HTC and crypto mining

The cryptocurrency market is evolving, and it means that companies are ready to invest in crypto-related businesses. It makes sense as more and more people become crypto owners. Also, the information about the cryptocurrencies is available in many languages. It is not surprising that the number of cryptocurrency users continues to increase as it has several advances in comparison with fiat currencies.

HTC, which is a consumer electronics company from Taiwan made an announcement that will please crypto owners. HTC unveiled a smartphone aimed at crypto owners. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first smartphone that is crypto-friendly.

This company understands the importance of cryptocurrencies and decided to develop another phone for the crypto owners. Last year, HTC introduced HTC Exodus 1, which is available since December. However, the price of this phone is $699.

Taiwanese company decided to offer a more budget-friendly smartphone. From now on, crypto users can order the HTC Exodus 1S in Europe, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. The price of Exodus 1S is around $244. Unfortunately, this phone won’t be available in the U.S.

The most important part of this smartphone is that it has the ability to run a full Bitcoin node. According to HTC, this smartphone is the first one to offer such a capability. Let’s have a look at the Bitcoin node. It means that Exodus 1S can send, confirm as well as validate bitcoin transactions.

Crypto users will have the possibility to acquire a smartphone, which will make it easier to interact with cryptocurrencies.

Bitmain opened a new crypto mining farmBitmain and crypto mining in Farm

The State of Texas is becoming more attractive for crypto investors. Last week San-Francisco based startup Layer1 received funds to build the crypto mining farm in this southern state.

Bitmain, which is the mining hardware giant already unveiled the crypto mining farm in Rockdale, Texas. According to Bitmain, it will be possible to increase the current capacity which is 50 megawatts to over 300 megawatts in the future. Thus, it will become the largest crypto mining farm in the world.

It is an interesting fact that it is Bitmain’s third cryptocurrency mining project in the U.S. Such projects will help to boost the local economy.

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