Sat, December 02, 2023

Huawei introduces HarmonyOS – the Android competitor

Chinese: Newly launched Huawei P Smart smartphone

HarmonyOS, the Android competitor, is finally here. Since the United States vetoed Huawei two years ago, denying it access to Android, the Chinese company has been working on its operating system. 

Huawei’s operating system has gone through three phases. The first part, of course, has been its development. Then it was opened up to third parties last year to create applications. The final phase was its launch, which came today. 

Chinese technology is clear about what it wants and has learned from experience. Software and hardware are linked, and one depends on the other.

The strategy surrounding the launch of Harmony OS focuses on what Huawei has called the 1+8+N strategy. Here 1 refers to smartphones. Meanwhile, 8 includes devices like tablets, TV, computer, etc. On the other hand, N refers to peripherals such as audio-visual entertainment, smart homes, smart travel products, etc. 

The goal of Harmony OS is for all of them to connect without interference, avoiding the typical Bluetooth pairing, which is often frustrating. 

Sadly, the first device with HarmonyOS will not be a smartphone but a new smartwatch, the Huawei Watch 3, and a tablet, the Matepad 11.

The first watch with Harmony OS

Huawei has tried to make the Watch 3 as independent as possible from the mobile phone. That is why it has 4G with eSIM. You can also access the store of Huawei applications from it and install them directly on the watch. So, we could perfectly do without the mobile phone with the Watch 3 and headphones.

Watch 3 makes constant measurements of the temperature of the skin and records the pulse. It has more than 100 types of sports preloaded, and if you fall, it is capable of calling an emergency. The battery has an autonomy of three days with 4G activated and 14 days with battery-saving mode, which will continue to record the exercise and show the time.

The device also has a Pro Titanium version, with some more premium features such as Sapphire glass and ceramic casing, for the first time in a watch. Double GPS provides better precision within cities. 

Matepad 11

With the Matepad 11, we are going to enjoy more of a complete HamonyOS experience. The device looks more like a computer screen than a mobile screen. Its panel is 10.95 inches, 120hz, 2560×1440 pixels resolution, reducing blue lights for the eyes. The processor is a Qualcomm 865.

It has four speakers and an autonomy of 12 hours. 

The Pro version of the Matepad 11 has a larger screen, 12.6 inches, 90% screen-to-body ratio, 2560x 1600 pixels resolution on an OLED panel. Instead of four speakers, it has 8 of the Harman Cardon brand, and this version equips a Kirin processor.


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