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Huawei’s Decade: 900M Devices and 68% Sales Surge

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Quick Look:

  • HarmonyOS Expansion: Powers over 900 million devices, now second best-selling OS in China with a 17% market share.
  • Ascend AI infrastructure is the second most popular globally, highlighting Huawei’s significant progress.
  • Smartphone Growth: The Mate 60 launch led to a 68% sales increase in early 2024, revitalizing Huawei’s smartphone division.
  • Showcased advancements to Level 4 Autonomous Networks at DTW 2024, focusing on telecom foundation models and digital twins.

On Friday, Huawei inaugurated its developer conference in Dongguan, with Richard Yu, Chairman of the Consumer Business Group, spearheading the event. Yu highlighted the company’s substantial breakthroughs in operating systems and artificial intelligence (AI). Huawei’s achievements over the past decade have rivaled the progress of the United States and Europe over thirty years. Notably, Huawei’s HarmonyOS now powers more than 900 million devices globally. Besides, its Ascend AI infrastructure ranks second in popularity, just behind Nvidia.

HarmonyOS: 68% Sales Surge and 17% Market Share in China

In response to US-imposed technology restrictions, HarmonyOS has rapidly ascended to become China’s second-best-selling mobile operating system, holding a 17% market share in the first quarter of 2024. This year alone, HarmonyOS has experienced a remarkable 68% surge in sales within the first five months, underscoring its growing acceptance and adoption among consumers.

Huawei’s Ascend AI infrastructure stands as the most formidable AI system developed by a Chinese company. It is the second most popular AI infrastructure in the global market, closely trailing Nvidia. This distinction underscores Huawei’s significant strides in AI technology and its growing influence in the tech industry.

DTW 2024: Huawei Advances to Autonomous Networks Level 4

The launch of the Mate 60 last year marked a renaissance for Huawei’s smartphone division. The company has seen a 68% increase in sales over the first five months of this year, indicating a robust recovery and renewed consumer interest in its mobile devices.

At the Digital Transformation World (DTW) 2024, Dang Wenshuan, Huawei’s Chief Strategy Architect, outlined the company’s advancements in Autonomous Networks (AN). In particular, he focused on their leap to Level 4 (AN L4). Wenshuan highlighted the significant value jump from Level 3 to Level 4. This progress is driven by key technologies such as telecom foundation models and digital twins. Furthermore, he called on global Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to adopt a leapfrog transformation strategy. This strategy should be based on principles of single-domain autonomy, cross-domain collaboration, value-driven approaches, crystallization, and productization.

Intelligent Solutions: 83% MTTR Reduction for CSPs

Huawei’s comprehensive intelligent solutions include scenario-specific AI agents and role-specific copilot applications. These innovations have yielded significant outcomes with CSPs, such as China Mobile Guangdong, which reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) from 120 minutes to 20 minutes. Similarly, China Mobile Henan achieved a 20% reduction in low-speed cells and shortened optimization duration from one day to one hour.

In a bid to enhance industry collaboration, Huawei joined forces with Vodafone, Telefonica, and other industry representatives to release an industry blueprint for Autonomous Networks Level 4. This initiative aims to fortify cooperation, establish metrics for business effect evaluation, and refine the AN Level 4 reference architecture, setting a new standard for future network innovations.


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