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Trading education is certainly something you want to invest in. In fact, you can make the case that it’s among the first investment you’re going to make. So, here’s a website review for you.

We got Income Rates here, an educational website that specializes in trading and investing. There’s a lot of fancy words this site throws around. But can it cash the checks it signs? Let’s find out.

What is Income Rates?

What is Income Rates?

Income Rates, as we’ve mentioned, is an educational website serving those who want to learn a thing or two about trading.

According to its website, Income Rates employs a team of experts as their instructors. These are people with great interest in the market. It makes sense that they be the ones to introduce new learners to the trading world.

Also, this website makes it clear that it doesn’t promise a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather, it provides the education necessary to navigate the market. It’s like teaching a man to fish instead of giving a man fish. Well, that’s a Confucius reference, for those who didn’t get it.

What Does it Offer?

Income rates offers a lot of learning opportunities for those who are willing to pay. Also, the lessons come in different media, such as e-books, videos, exams, interactive lessons, etc.

The lessons come in different packages too, namely:

  • Silver Package, which costs $100
  • Gold Package, which costs $250
  • Platinum Package, which costs $750

Silver Package

silver package

The Silver package is the beginner’s favorite. It contains lessons that every first-time learner needs to learn. These lessons include:

  • Market Operations
  • Basics of Financial Markets
  • Trading Terminologies
  • Trading Instrument Basics
  • Online Trading

Apart from this, you also get a touch of bull and bear market dynamics, risk management, and more. Trading instruments also take the spotlight, along with their risks and rewards.

Gold Package

gold package

Meanwhile, the Gold package is a one-step-higher package. Once you graduate from the newbie description, you take the Gold package.

The price is $250, which isn’t too expensive if you look at what you stand to get from the package.

It offers live instructional classes, trading strategies, e-books, exams, and more. Basically, these are more advanced level of learning for traders.

When checking the package’s contents, it’s quite obvious this one focuses on technical matters. Among the lessons are:

  • Charts, candlesticks, technical tools, indicators (like we said, this package focuses more heavily on the technical approach to trading)
  • Trading Styles (day trading, swing trading, buy-and-hold, etc)
  • MetaTrader and other trading platforms (MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, cTrader, etc)

Fibonacci trading, trading breakouts, and whichever style you prefer, the Gold package will probably have a discussion about it.

But that’s not all that this package offers. It also grants learners the chance to consult with a market expert. This market expert shares firsthand and insightful trading lessons that will make it easier for the trader to learn more and better.

Platinum Package

Platinum Package

Lastly, the Platinum package is the package that professional traders will probably buy. If you already know a lot of things in the market and no longer consider yourself an intermediate learner, then this one’s for you.

At $750, Income Rates ensures that you get the most out of your money. With the Platinum package, you get access to more e-books, video lessons, daily signals, market updates, economic calendar, and many more.

This package also offers free consultation with a market expert. It’s a good way to test, confirm, and review your strategy as a professional trader yourself.

What’s best about the Platinum package is that it includes topics that are generally excluded from typical trading educational programs.

What we’re talking about here is the new, advanced technologies currently making waves in the market.

Apart from fundamental and technical analysis, this package has lessons discussing cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech. These are relatively newcomers in finance. As a result, there aren’t many sources of information and education if you want to learn them.

Income Rates’ Platinum educational package makes sure that that won’t be a problem for you.

Income Rates: Verdict

Income rates: learn from industry exoerts

Overall, Income Rates scores high in terms of educational offerings. Its packages are all packed with subjects and lessons aimed at honing a trader’s skills and knowledge.

And if the feedbacks we got from those who’ve already purchased the courses are something to go on, we believe Income Rates delivers the promises it has given.

With trading education becoming more and more important these days, traders, whether newbies or pros, need a venue to acquire new skills, practice their strategies, and improve their overall trading skills, from technical analysis to risk management.

Income Rates can be that place.

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