Sat, May 27, 2023

Intel Slashed Dividend the Lowest In Almost 2 Decades

Intel Slashed Dividend the Lowest In Almost 2 Decades

Intel Corp is the largest manufacturer of computer processors. It has reduced its dividend payment to the lowest it has been in 16 years in an attempt to conserve cash and concentrate on reversing the damage.

The company announced its decision to pay 12.5 cents per share to its investors in its quarterly distribution, which will be payable on June 1. Intel is currently paying a quarterly dividend of 36.5 cents, which was expected to increase to exceed $6 billion in 2023. With the new payment, Intel’s dividend will be reset to a level that has not been seen since 2007.

The board’s methodical approach to capital allocation is evident in its decision to cut back on the quarterly dividend. This deliberate tactic is intended to position the chipmaker best to create long-term value, as Intel stated.  Amidst this period of macroeconomic vagueness, the enhanced financial flexibility will aid in the crucial investments required to carry out Intel’s transformation.

An effort to save $10 billion, as CEO Gelsinger tries to restore company’s leadership amid semiconductor slowdown

In the earnings report released last month, Intel predicted one of its most challenging quarters to date. It is evident that the delay in the sales of personal computers devastates the semiconductor industry.  In an effort to save up to $10 billion by 2025, Intel is cutting its workforce and lowering management pay while simultaneously reducing expenditure on new plants. 

CEO Pat Gelsinger is trying to navigate the chaos by spending excessively. He hopes it will restore its dominant position in the industry.  Losing of market share to its competitors has been utterly painful for the company. The fighting spirit is undoubtedly strong. Moreover, Gelsinger is working to develop new products and even expand into new markets, competing against larger rivals.

Cutting its shareholder payments damages Intel’s Standing in an increasingly competitive market. Here, chipmakers are eager to provide greater returns to investors constantly.  In the past, companies in the industry did not distribute dividends due to the erratic nature of their cash flows. These were subject to fluctuations caused by significant shifts between oversupply and shortages within the market worth over $500 billion. However, the atmosphere has shifted in recent years. The importance of dividends has risen, restoring faith in the financial stability of Intel.



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