International organizations and crypto donations

Digital currencies on October 9

The cryptocurrency market is evolving, and this is excellent news for the crypto community. One of the examples of how the market is shaping the modern is the crypto donations. Thanks to the United Nations, crypto owners will have the ability to use their digital currencies for charity. This is an important decision as the UN is trying to introduce new technologies.

Bitcoin, which is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world can be used for this purpose along with Ethereum.

As mentioned above, the United Nations made the decision to enter the cryptocurrency market. UN joined the list of private, as well as governmental organizations, which are working on crypto projects.

On October 8, UNICEF, which is one of the agencies of the United Nations launched a UNICEF Crypto Fund. Thanks to this prototype, the UN agency will be able to accept the crypto donations. It is an exciting fact that UNICEF became the first UN agency to accept crypto donations. People can choose either Bitcoin or Ethereum for donations.

Employees of the UN dedicated more than a year to accomplish this goal. Such projects will make it easier to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. The UN made a decision that has a positive impact as it will be easier to help children around the world.

European Union and crypto regulations

European and cryptocurrency market

The United Nations is not the only one that understands the importance of digital currencies. Another one is the European Union. The EU’s financial services commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis underlined the importance of crypto regulations.

He also mentioned Facebook’s cryptocurrency project Libra. The financial services commissioner noted that the EU should develop a common approach when it comes to cryptocurrencies, such as Libra.

On Wednesday, Bitcoin’s price was $8,100.

The price of the second-largest digital currency, which is Ethereum was $183.

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