Internet Cafe switched its business model to crypto mining

Internet cafe

According to the latest news, Asian Gaming & Internet Cafe is being converted to cryptocurrency mining farms. Vietnam-based Internet Cafe Computer Star announced that it is switching its business model to cryptocurrency mining. The owner says that profits are higher than the original business.

The Café possesses several NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards. This includes the RTX 3080, the original intent for the design of which was to be a gaming graphics card. A company says they now use it as a mining tool.

Moreover, it’s essential to note that the COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be hard for businesses. Some countries have stricter enforcement of social distancing through lockdowns. Some companies even went bankrupt. This Vietnamese Café named “Computer Star” decided to turn its entire Cafe setup into a cryptocurrency mining farm.

An RTX 3080 GPU can generate significant daily profits after some tuning. With the electricity prices in Vietnam, it can generate a high income — especially if you already have the place equipped with computers and electric infrastructure. While a single PC would typically bring in a small income per day in use by a client, a series of GPUs connected to that PC can easily surpass that income, considering the current profitability levels on Ethereum Mining.

The cafe owner’s move might inspire others to repurpose their café business

It’s not a secret that these are challenging times for everyone, and the business owner decided to take this approach to keep things running for himself. The cafe owner’s move might inspire others to repurpose their cafe business in a cryptocurrency mining farm setup, especially considering how he writes down that he’s gaining higher profits.

Moreover, continuing effects of coronavirus are a factor, of course. Many countries are still enforcing business closures and social distancing measures. Most PC stations at the cafe were remaining empty. Undoubtedly, once mining profits decline and number of coronavirus cases come down, the internet cafes can revert to their previous business model.


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