INVCenter Review

INVCenter Review

General Information
Broker Name:INVCenter
Broker Type:Forex & CFD
Country:Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Operating since year:2018
Address:First floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd. Building, James street, P.O.B 1574, Kingstown VC0100 St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Broker status:Active
Customer Service
Phone:+44 20 3991 0009
Languages:English, German, Portuguese
The Trading platforms:Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: //
Demo account:/
Mobile trading:Yes
Web-based trading:Yes
Other trading instruments:Yes
Minimum deposit ($):200
Maximal leverage:1:200
Scalping allowed:Yes



Broker Review: INVCenter

Broker Review: INVCenter

General Information

INVCenter is an established broker that’s been gaining a fair bit of popularity recently. As such, our INVCenter review will investigate why and help you decide if it’s the broker for you. The firm started operating in 2018, meaning it’s at a great age, where it’s relatively fresh but has accumulated some experience. INVCenter runs from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, or more precisely First floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd. Building, James Street, P.O.B 1574, Kingstown. The broker focuses on CFD and forex trading but also included some crypto trading in its service.

As such, the baseline of INVCenter’s service should cover a lot of traders’ needs. Especially recently, forex and CFD trading seem to have become favorites, so more quality brokers offering such services are quite welcome. Naturally, each broker has to prove itself before earning our recommendation, so let’s see how INVCenter fares.

Initially, the thing that impressed us the most was how versatile the broker’s experience is. While most brokers pay attention to their trading services nearly exclusively, INVCenter goes beyond that. It has a plethora of top-quality educational materials, as well as analytical tools and curated news. For traders, that means INVCenter offers an all-encompassing service that replaces many commonly-used third-party tools and sources. Beginners can expand their skill set quickly with the learning experience, while the analytical tools and news help experienced traders. Because of that, INVCenter accomplishes what many other brokers fail to do – it stands out.

While many brokers offer competent trading, a lot of them look like carbon copies of each other. As such, INVCenter’s more unique approach garners attention and leaves an amazing initial impression. Before we move on, we’d like to present some other qualities we enjoyed about INVCenter:

General Information: INVcenter

·      Extended Support

For a lot of traders, customer service is a secondary concern when choosing a new broker. However, we’d like to suggest that it may be just below trading and security in terms of importance. Problems with online trading are common, and having to deal with slow and incompetent operators is quite frustrating. The frustration isn’t the only downside, as you often also need to halt your trading for the period. Naturally, that leads to financial losses and missed opportunities.

Because of that, we think that the broker’s extended worktime is praise-worthy. It makes the trading process run smoother and causes less delay. On top of that, the operators are quite competent, as we’ll touch on that later in our INVCenter Review.

·      Lower Starting Cost

Another complaint many traders have with brokers is the somewhat steep cost of trying them out. Online traders know that they can expect to shell out $250 if they intend to trade with a new broker. And while that might not be a lot for some, constantly changing brokers can take a toll on your finances. INVCenter decided to be fairer towards users and set the starting cost at $200. While $50 might not sound like a ton in the context, keep in mind that’s a 20% cut.

·      Transparent Pricing with INVCenter

Many scam brokers attempt to trick their users into investing so they can decimate their funds with fees. Naturally, those charges remain hidden before (and sometimes even after) a user decides to sign up. INVCenter takes a vastly different approach, with entirely transparent pricing structures. The broker also makes money via spreads instead of fees, leading to much lower costs on users’ ends.

Funds Trading and Security

Funds Trading and Security

As we stated earlier in our INVCenter review, security and trading come first when choosing a new brokerage. Determining which of the two is more vital is impossible, as a broker simply needs both. That’s why we only consider recommending brokerages that do well in the two areas. Luckily, INVCenter seems to be one of those brokers that offers competence both in trading and safety measures.

It protects its users’ funds by ensuring they have maximum safety at all times. That translates to the broker keeping user funds with only top-tier banks. Not only does that increase safety, but it also boosts the deposit and withdrawal speed and quality. We will further discuss that in our INVCenter review. But knowing users are in control of their funds gives us great confidence.

To further ensure our confidence was well-placed, we went through the company’s terms and conditions. A common tactic for scam brokers is to slip in their malicious terms and then blame users. Of course, that’s only big lies, and the broker is at fault there, but that won’t stop shady brokerages. Still, INVCenter’s rules were clear of any nonsense, deeming it clean on that front as well.

All that’s left is protection against outside scams and hackers, and the broker does well in that regard too. It has SSL-encryption, and as such, ensures that even if your connection gets intercepted, the data is unreadable. That prevents hacking attempts right off the bat. That, along with 2FA, makes for a simple but sturdy security web.

Lastly, we looked at INVCenter’s reputation, and most users seem content. A short investigation into its past behavior also didn’t show anything alarming. That all adds up to the broker being one of the most secure on the internet.

The Trading Accounts

Although we didn’t mention it earlier in our INVCenter review, its account structure is quite commendable. The broker has four types that fulfill the needs of traders with different skill and budget levels. As we stated already, the live accounts require a $200 investment, which is lower than the industry standard. That nets you the Mini account, which is a fantastic starting point. Don’t get fooled by the name, as even the cheapest option offers a robust trading experience.

Another peculiar detail about INVCenter’s account is that they don’t follow the regular investment-based structure. The broker’s individual-based approach shines through, as upgrading happens on a case-by-case basis. The broker has discussions with each client until they can reach a mutual agreement.

Naturally, that doesn’t mean you can expect to invest $200 and reach the top account. However, it does mean that you’re likely to get luxury features at a much lower price than with other brokers. On top of that, since the upgrades are free and the accounts have no maintenance, all your money can go into trading. Here are some of the account specifications you can expect to see at INVCenter:

The Trading Accounts at INVcenter


  • Regular Spreads
  • 24/6 Support
  • Education center
  • Daily market review
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts


  • Silver Spreads
  • 24/6 Support
  • Education center
  • Daily market review
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts
  • Senior Account Manager


  • Gold Spreads
  • 24/6 Support
  • Education center
  • Daily market review
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts
  • VIP Account Manager
  • PIA first Trading Signals Up to X
  • Personalized trading strategy


  • Platinum Spreads
  • 24/6 Support
  • Education center
  • Daily market review
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts
  • VIP Account Manager
  • PIA first Trading Signals Up to X
  • Personalized trading strategy
  • Trading trainer
  • Exclusive position access

Trading Conditions at INVCenter

The trading experiences brokers offer are their bread and butter. But before we commit to the strictly trading-related measures, we’d like to go over the backup features we mentioned earlier. Namely, they’re what takes INVCenter from a simple broker to a full trading experience provider. Some might consider that only a slight difference, but it’s what allows INVCenter to stand out from the sea of online brokers.

The first aspect we’d like to mention is the broker’s excellent educational material library. It includes both videos and reading materials, so no matter your preferred learning method, there’s something there for you.  It’ll even help novice traders follow a simple route to improve their skill level and gain confidence rapidly. Furthermore, it can also act as a quick reminder for more experienced traders, as knowledge gaps are common.

But if you’re already a competent trader, the feature likely sounds mostly useless. That’s not where the broker’s services end, as it also offers services that will help you increase the precision of your predictions. Namely, it has analytical tools that help you investigate markets and test out your tactics. Charts, videos, summaries, and market calculators are all at your disposal, for free and even before you sign up. On top of that, the curated news lets you read up on relevant markets in one place rather than collecting bits and pieces of info.

Now you can combine that with the strictly trading-related features. Tight spreads with a 1:200 leverage allow traders to use their money optimally and nearly always come out on top. The account variety and numerous assets also help in that regard, as each user can tailor their experience. Lastly, for those struggling with creating a tactic, there are also some premade ones that the broker provides.

Deposits and Withdrawals

deposit and withdrawal methods

Earlier in our INVCenter review, we mentioned that funding plays a vital role in a smooth brokerage experience. Many brokers ruin an otherwise tolerable experience with totally broken funding options. However, INVCenter’s deposit and withdrawal experiences do well in ensuring that your trading doesn’t need to halt. With multiple credit cards, we’re confident most users will find their preferred option.

On top of that, the broker offers near-instant deposits, and withdrawals take up to five business days. That’s better than even some expedited funding features some brokerages provide. Because of that, INVCenter’s trading service is complete, patching up its last possible weakness.

Trading Platform

Trading Platform

While some traders might wince on the mention of proprietary platforms, that’s not because of their quality. It’s because of the connotation to scam brokers that call barely functional software as a platform. That makes it more difficult for a broker like INVCenter, which carefully crafted its platform, to breakthrough.

Even if you’ve only ever used MetaTrader4, we urge you to look past your preconceived notions about custom trading software. If you give INVCenter’s platform a chance, we’re positive you’ll enjoy what it provides. It’s smooth and intuitive, letting less confident traders understand what’s going on quickly. Furthermore, it also keeps the sophisticated features more experienced traders utilize.

As such, it’s at worse a sidegrade and, at best, an upgrade over more standard options. You can also inspect the platform in detail by pressing the trade button on INVCenter’s website. That means you won’t need to go in blind, and you’ll know whether you like the software or not before you invest.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the platform comes in web and mobile versions without a downloadable terminal. That means that the platform is fully optimized for those two modes, unlike many other platforms. Most brokers focus on the downloadable version, with two more convenient options as an afterthought. INVCenter’s approach lets it capitalize on the increased mobility and convenience that the WebTrader and Mobile Trader bring.

INVCenter’s Trading Products

Earlier in our INVCenter review, we specified that the broker provides CFD, forex, and crypto trading services. However, since the CFDs cover multiple asset classes, the broker widens its reach. Even traders that don’t commonly enjoy the three can find use out of INVCenter.

The assets are quite numerous as well, with a healthy variety between the categories. That makes portfolio diversification and fundamental trading skill employment much simpler. The broker ensured that its traders would only ever need to go for top-tier assets without compromising. Additionally, INVCenter is entirely clear about its asset list, with an easy-to-find asset index. Even beyond that, you can inspect the trading products inside the trading platform by pressing the trade button.

The broker’s transparency is in line with the rest of its service and is one of its most commendable traits. The clarity in each aspect of its service makes us even more confident in the high-security rating we gave it. That aside, here’s a list of INVCenter’s asset classes:

  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Stock CFDs
  • Index CFDs
  • Commodity CFDs

Review of INVCenter Customer Service

As we stated near the beginning of our INVCenter review, we’re quite happy with their customer service setup. It operates 24/6, giving it an extra day over other brokers. That’s especially useful with minor issues since you can trade over the workweek and use that extra day to resolve them. There are multiple avenues of reaching the team, including live chat, emails, and multiple phone lines. That makes it easier for traders all over the world to get their issues resolved.

Furthermore, the operatives are quite competent and quick. We gave them a few test questions, and they answered everything in no-time. Lastly, support is available in multiple languages, English, German, and Portuguese.

UK Phone: +44 20 3991 0009


Customer Service


INVCenter managed to create an experience that fulfills all we want from a broker. It’s secure in the sense that it has both excellent internal and external safety measures protecting user funds and data. It has excellent trading, with fantastic direct and backup conditions. Lastly, it also stands out by providing a service that doesn’t stop at trading but goes beyond that. Its analysis tools and the information it provides are a rarity for any broker.

To tie all of that together, INVCenter also made sure its service was universally enjoyable. Newbies and budget traders have excellent options, with educational tools and an intuitive platform. Luxury traders and veterans have a plethora of analytical features and top-end specifications on accounts. Because of that, anybody can enjoy the broker’s service.

Lastly, INVCenter is also impressively transparent as a broker. It’s one of the few firms where you can go in fully aware of how the service is going to operate. Because of all of that, it’s earned our stamp of recommendation. We’re confident in stating that few traders will walk away from the broker unsatisfied.

Risk Warning:

CFDs are sophisticated instruments and require knowledge and skill to handle them correctly. Using leverage comes with a high risk of losing money rapidly.

It’s projected that 74-89% of retail investors lose money when buying and selling CFDs. Ensure that you have enough knowledge about CFDs before you trade and don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.

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