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InvestAir Review

InvestAir Review
General Information
Broker Name:InvestAir
Broker Type: Forex & CFDs
Operating since year: N/A
Regulation: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Nations Consolidated Lists, US Office of Foreign Assets Control, FATF
Address: N/A
Broker status:Active
Customer Service
Phone: N/A
Email: N/A
Availability: N/A
The Trading platforms:Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: N/A
Demo account:Yes
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading:Yes
Other trading instruments:Yes
Minimum deposit: $250
Maximal leverage: 1:1000
Spread: Floating From 0.0 Pips
Scalping allowed:Yes

Broker Review: InvestAir

General Information & First Impressions of InvestAir

InvestAir is an upcoming broker whose service covers a wide array of trading tools and features. It offers its trading library via CFDs, allowing traders to enjoy various assets without needing multiple brokers. Additionally, it has some interesting services for crypto and NFTs, making it more useful for digital traders. Our InvestAir review will introduce you to the broker’s service and help you decide whether to use it.

And, like with any good introduction, we’ll begin with the basics and proceed down to the details. As we already mentioned, it’s a CFD broker, which is a significant benefit to most of its potential users. Namely, retail traders can enjoy broader trading material choices, lower costs, and much more because of CFDs.

There is a point that some malicious companies pose as CFD brokers, but you should make that decision on a case-by-case basis. If you make a sweeping judgment, you’ll miss out on some fantastic brokers. And as we’ll see soon in our review, security isn’t a concern with the broker.

Additionally, we mentioned crypto and NFT services. As a unique feature on its platform, the broker allows trading NFT indexes. Now, we are aware that the NFT craze has mostly subsided, but it’s great that the broker stays on top of new trends. That guarantees that you’ll always have access to the latest tools.

And the broker’s platform also confirms that, as it’s developed in home and offers massive trading benefits. You can even check it out before investing a penny with the broker’s demo account! Altogether, the broker’s service shows us that it’s modern, aware of trader needs, and powerful.

In the rest of our InvestAir review, we will go over the details of its service.

Fund and Account Security

Fund and Account Security InvestAir

Usually, when we look at a broker’s safety, we do a short segment about needing to take care of yourself. However, the security here is at such an amazing level that there’s no need for that. The broker is one of the most secure companies out there, and it’s not even close, especially among newer brokers.

So let’s look at what got us so confident in calling InvestAir one of the safest available brokers. We need to start by mentioning the broker’s regulation. It follows guidelines from multiple organizations, including Nations Consolidated Lists, the US Office of Foreign Assets Control, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and FATF. That alone leaves minimal chance that you’ll suffer from any safety-related issues, as we already mentioned in our review intro.

However, that’s not where it ends, as even from the broker’s website, you can see how devoted it is to safety. A lot of its website goes over the exact details of its service, including trading details and technicalities. You’ll be aware of what you need to do and what happens to the data you give to the broker.

The fantastic thing is that, while the broker does include security checks, it does so quickly. So you won’t be waiting for days just to get an opportunity to trade; it verifies documents in hours. The security is nothing short of fantastic, and we’d feel entirely confident investing our own money with the broker.

Account Info at

Account Info at

Earlier in our InvestAir review, we mentioned its inclusion of a demo account. However, we should emphasize just how much of an advantage that is. It’s especially noticeable since a lot of online brokers have stopped providing demo accounts for reasons that are confusing to us.

So what’s so good about a broker providing a demo option? Well, beyond the obvious fact that it lets you check the broker out before signing up, there’s much more. Namely, if you use a demo account to its full extent, it can be useful, no matter your skill or experience.

Obviously, if you’re a new trader and want to just learn the ropes, you can use it to learn the basics. However, even if you’re an intermediate or expert-level trader, you can make good use of it.

Let’s say you’re unsure about a chain of positions or a new trading strategy. You can do it in the demo account and see if it works, and then easily replicate it in the real platform. Yes, there are also other ways to do that, but this has the benefit of keeping all your data in unified and being extremely simple.

As for the live account, there’s only one type, but you don’t need to be worried. Unlike other one-account brokers, InvestAir isn’t afraid to pull out the stops. It offers an excellent service and maximizes the benefits regardless of your deposits.

So, for example, even a trader on a strict budget can enjoy the broker’s leverage that goes up to 1:1000. We would never recommend that, but the broker does offer total freedom in that regard.

Transparency and Funding on InvestAir

Transparency and Funding on InvestAir

As we said earlier in our InvestAir review, the broker is one of the most trustworthy trading outlets available. Namely, the broker has transparency as a fundamental in every segment of its service.

As such, its registration includes KYC protocols, which include AML and CTF. That ensures nobody misuses the broker and that its trading environment stays clean for all of its traders.

From there, getting a live account does require a $250 deposit, but the broker doesn’t limit traders even there. Namely, it makes sure its traders can test the service out thoroughly with the demo, as we already explained. Additionally, it lets traders withdraw their money at any point.

There are no minimal withdrawals on on the broker’s side. The only exception is the $300 minimum for bank wire transfers, but that’s on the banks’ side. As such, if you ever feel the least bit unsatisfied with the service, you can pull out without losing a penny.

InvestAir’s Trading Platform

Trading Platform

The next thing we need to commend in our InvestAir review is the broker’s proprietary platform. The software builds on familiar controls, so it feels familiar if you’ve ever used a trading platform before. However, it also improves where improvements are needed and as such, provides a much more comfortable experience.

That makes it much more suitable for longer trading sessions where tensions are already high. The modern UI, quick execution, and seamless functionality ensure an entirely transparent trading experience.

Additionally, it’s good to mention that the platform is entirely browser-based, even on mobile. There are no downloads; you just need to log in and trade wherever you are.

The most fascinating part is that the platform keeps full functionality while in that condensed form. It offers all the analytical and trading power you’d expect from a downloaded trading terminal while remaining much more flexible. It just proves the broker’s devotion to creating the best possible experience for its traders.


As we already noted numerous times in our review, the broker is definitely an industry leader already. Not only does it provide maximum safety, but its approach to customers is uniquely user-friendly. There are no account types, meaning everyone gets the best service possible. Additionally, the broker isn’t afraid to provide powerful conditions, even to starter accounts.

Next, every part of the broker’s service, from signing up to withdrawing money, is blatantly exposed, so there are no misconceptions. If any lingering misunderstandings persist, the broker provides clarifications through its demo account. InvestAir is a powerful, honest, cutting-edge broker, and it should definitely be on your radar.



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