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General Information
Broker Name: InvestLite
Broker Type: Forex
Country: UK, Belize
Operating since year: 2020
Regulation: IFSC
Address: 5 Cork Street, Belize City, Belize.
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +27108807931
Languages: English
Availability: 24/5
Trading platforms: MetaTrader 4
The Trading platform Time zone: GMT+2
Demo account: Yes
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: Yes
Other trading instruments: N/A
Minimum deposit ($): $250
Maximal leverage: 1:500
Spread: N/A
Scalping allowed: N/A



Broker Review: InvestLite


InvestLite Review: General Information

InvestLite is a new broker that offers a wide array of trading services. The firm was founded earlier during 2020 and boasts a variety of assets, ranging from Forex to crypto, and covers everything in between.

The firm has two main offices, with one being located in the UK and the other in Belize. The addresses are 69 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, and 5 Cork Street, Belize City, respectively. The dual locations allow for easier management of the broad scope of customers the broker is trying to satisfy.

When you stumble upon InvestLite’s landing page, you see that they designed both the static and dynamic elements of their website with care. There are no annoying pop-ups or ads that jump out at you, allowing for a professional and organized looking site. The home page does a great job of concisely presenting some of the broker’s strengths without overexaggerating. In addition to that, there are some moving elements, such as the dynamic asset trackers. You can pick a trading product category, and that’ll show you some of the most popular instruments from that class and how they’re doing.

The pretty looks didn’t come at the cost of functionality either, as we haven’t encountered even the smallest practical issue. Everything runs smoothly without any delays or lag on the broker’s end. The website is organized well, making info searching a breeze. But a broker’s website quality is one thing, and their service is another. Luckily, InvestLite does well in both, and before we explain further, let’s look at some of the broker’s primary strengths:


It’s not difficult to explain why commissions are something you should avoid at all costs. After all, why would you pay for something when you can get another thing of the same quality for free? Sadly, many brokerages have recently started implementing fees as a quick and effortless way to increase their profit. However, that increases the value of brokers such as InvestLite, that offers a transparent and fair-trading service.


The days when traders have used manual methods in making their predictions are long behind us. Today, we have tons of tools that help us increase our trade accuracy and simplify the entire trading process. However, the quality of those tools can vary greatly, and some can even prove to be a hindrance. InvestLite ensured that its traders have the best analysis solutions in their hands, with over 30 top-notch tools.


Leverage is one of the main factors that allowed forex trading to become popular, as you can earn a lot with minimal investments. However, it’s also a double-edged blade, as carelessness can lead you to unrecoverable losses. Regardless, brokerages offering high leverage rates are always a good thing, as it allows for trader skill expression. Insecure or inexperienced traders can stick to moderate levels and still find success. But there’s also the option for veterans or risk-takers to maximize their gains.

Funds Trading and Security


As far as security goes, InvestLite does surprisingly well, especially for a brokerage that opened recently. It goes without saying that their reputation is pristine, with users praising many aspects of the brokerage. In addition to that, the terms of their service lack any malicious business practices. The broker’s two offices imply that they are diligent in resolving issues and intend to have quick international responses.

The firm has also made sure to secure a license under Belize’s IFSC, meaning they have the technical requirements to back up their practical service. Finance-related regulatory bodies ensure that brokers adhere to a strict ruleset by imposing hefty fines and worse forms of punishment. In the most extreme cases, regulators have worked together with governments to shut down firms entirely.

The mix of strict regulation and customer satisfaction nearly ensures that there’s nothing to fear with InvestLite. The brokerage aims to gather a loyal userbase by providing a fair and transparent trading experience.

InvestLite Trading Accounts

InvestLite provides a demo account option, which can be quite meaningful for both new and experienced traders. The best way to explore a service is to try it out, and a functional demo account makes that much easier. However, it also has the “hidden” benefit of allowing newer traders or people who are only getting into trading to practice. Entering the financial world requires jumping over a huge hurdle in the form of required knowledge and skill, so it’s great to have something that eases that pressure.

However, once you decide to take off the training wheels and invest, you’ll get the Silver account. The broker requires the usual investment of $250 to get you started, but what you get is entirely worth the price tag. The only things that the two more expensive types have over the base one is higher leverage and tighter spreads, along with some luxury features. That creates a situation where even budget traders can get a good service level. You don’t need to sink a massive amount of money in to feel like you’re not hindered.

On the other hand, more loyal customers get adequate rewards with higher leverages and tighter spreads. While the trading experience doesn’t change fundamentally, the broker does an excellent job at rewarding investment. However, those rewards don’t feel overbearing, and it doesn’t appear as if the firm is trying to force you into dropping more money. As such, each trader should make a decision based on their finances and preferences, as there are no wrong choices. To aid the decision-making process, here are some of the account specifications:


·         Silver

    • Hedging
    • Amount of FX leverage 1:200

Available base currencies:

·         Gold

    • Hedging
    • Amount of FX leverage 1:400
    • Fifth decimal
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Swap discount 25%

Available base currencies:

·         Platinum

    • Hedging
    • Amount of FX leverage 1:400
    • Fifth decimal
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Swap discount 50%
    • Free VPS
    • Customized investment news

Available base currencies:

Trading Conditions

As far as the trading conditions at InvestLite go, there isn’t really anything to complain about. The account variation allows traders to customize their experience and go for the one they prefer without missing out. Whichever they pick, they get substantial leverage, tight spreads, and a few luxury features to go with that. Additionally, the broker provides a top-notch platform in MT4 and a wide variety of assets.

Beyond that, the brokerage has top-notch security and analysis features. That ensures that brokers have an advantageous experience, where their success depends solely on their skill. The monetary investment and withdrawal methods are plentiful, so there won’t be any inconvenience in that regard either.

Trading Platform


As we mentioned before in our InvestLite review, the broker uses one of the world’s most capable platforms in MetaTrader4. The tool allows newer traders an entry point into the trading world, as it’s easy to understand and use. However, it doesn’t cripple experienced traders either, as it has a ton of inbuilt tools that increase analytical capacity. Coupled with the solutions the broker added, it allows for a complete and versatile trading experience.

On top of that, the two convenience features make it so anyone can enjoy trading, no matter where they find themselves. Namely, the web platform allows traders to jump into the platform using a web browser, cutting the need for downloads. On the other hand, the mobile version does require an app download, but it turns your mobile device into a trading terminal. Neither form cuts any core functions, so which one you use is a matter of convenience.

InvestLite’s Trading Products

InvestLite has a wide variety of assets spread across multiple different categories. They cover all the significant investment methods, so traders will easily find their preferred trading product. The total trading instrument tally comes in at over 350, so portfolio diversification will be a breeze as well. Here are the categories you can expect to see once you open the trading platform:

  • Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Metals
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Digital Currencies

Customer Service

InvestLite provides three standard methods to reach out which include the phone line, email, and live chat as far as customer service goes. Their support team works 24/5, meaning you can contact them whenever it is necessary.


InvestLite Review: Conclusion

While InvestLite is still new, it should by no means be mistaken for an incompetent firm. The brokerage has crafted its service with care, and it’s apparent that they put user experience at the forefront. That has created a situation where it’s serviceable for traders of all skill and experience levels. It has excellent trading conditions and convenience features that ensure a comfortable investment process.

We’re comfortable in recommending InvestLite to anyone, as it clearly aims to be an all-round brokerage. The holes in its service are few and far between, and since it is brand-new, the firm only promises to become better in the future.

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