Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange and European Customers

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Cryptocurrencies step-by-step gained popularity around the world. Hopefully, there are numerous projects for crypto curencies. Recently, bitFlyer made an important announcement. According to this announcement, cryptocurrency exchange, integrated with the global payments platform PayPal.

Consequently, people in Europe who use PayPal have the opportunity to deposit funds to the bitFlyer Europe platform to buy cryptocurrency.

It is worth noting that, PayPal has more than 340 million users around the world. Moreover, PayPal handles almost 35% of all eCommerce transactions in Europe. As a result, it may expose many European netizens to bitFlyer exchange and cryptocurrencies in general.

Cryptocurrency exchange and bitFlyer ‘s plans for the future

Digital currency market on October 18

Interestingly, integration with the internet payment giant is a step forward when it comes to closing the gap between the fiat and cryptocurrency world for European users.

People should take into account that, bitFlyer Europe already supports wire card transfers. Nevertheless, it takes one to three days for clearance. The integration with PayPal should make deposits almost instant.

Customers of bitFlyer Europe will now be able to directly deposit euros to their wallet to trade cryptocurrencies. There is another good news as well. Notably, bitFlyer charges no handling or processing costs on top of the fees charged by PayPal.

This is not the story, as bitFlyer Europe is working on other ways to make cryptocurrency trading more accessible and secure. It wants to expand into the U.S. and Europe.

Last but not least, bitFlyer is the only cryptocurrency exchange that is regulated in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. Interestingly, bitFlyer Europe is a fully owned subsidiary of bitFlyer, Inc.

bitFlyer is one of the largest Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, and the history of its European subsidiary dates back to 2018. Importantly, the integration with PayPal is a big step forward, as it will be easier to make cryptocurrencies more popular in Europe.

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