John McAfee and Crypto promotions

John McAfee and crypto

John McAfee founded one of the most popular anti-virus company, McAfee Associates, in 1987. He left the company in 1994. McAfee is also a famous crypto supporter; his several comments about Bitcoin remains popular to this day.

Recently, he announced that he would stop doing the crypto promotions. In a series of tweets beginning on December 14, McAfee said he would no longer take part in crypto promotions.

According to his comments, he had to stop doing Blockchain promotions due to politics. He mentioned that he is going to launch his Presidential campaign in January.

He had to change his plans regarding the Blockchain promotions, due to the lack of time. McAfee stated that it takes a lot of time, and he wants to focus on his Presidential campaign.

However, McAfee mentioned that he is not abandoning crypto.

According to McAfee, he decided to take part in the presidential election to raise awareness about crypto in the U.S. Nevertheless; he knows that he has no chance to win the elections.

He made the headlines in 2017 when he promised to eat his genitalia if Bitcoin’s price would fail to reach $1 million by the end of 2020. There is a website which is dedicated to this pledge.

In October 2019, he launched a beta version of a decentralized exchange or DEX.

Illegal crypto-mining in different regions of RussiaRussia and cryptocurrencies

Another new connected with cryptocurrencies comes from the Russian Federation. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that illicit mining crypto is a severe challenge for the Russian authorities.

Russian authorities identified two nationals who used computers that belonged to state organizations for crypto mining.

One of the citizens arrested brought to criminal responsivity is a resident of Kurgan. He used almost a whole botnet in various regions of the Russian Federation. A second person used the site of JSC Rostovvodokanal for crypto mining.

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