Let’s begin with the very truth: trading did not get to be such a lucrative business by being a straightforward practice. The best way to approach trading as a newcomer, or even as an experienced trader is to research, learn, and practice.

The concept itself may seem easy to understand; however, successful traders aren’t something that can be casually picked up.

Still not sure where to start? Well then, hop on and let’s take a look at la Grande Capitale, an educational platform, that you may eventually choose to be your mentor.

General Information: La Grande Capitale

La Grande Capitale Pro is an excellent place for everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge. It offers beginner traders a smooth introduction into the trading world. La Grande Capitale offers its students:

  1. An opportunity to learn from the Industry Experts – Receive industry-standard information and practices through high-level trading courses.
  2. Premium Educational Packages – La Grande Capitale offers to offer a selection of training packages to accommodate the needs of a large audience seeking to trade in the financial markets.
  3. Interesting Quizzes – You’ll be able to master effective trading with quizzes developed to test your knowledge.
  4. Practical workshops – You’ll participate in actionable training delivered in a fun and interactive manner.
  5. Premium Educational Material – As La Grande Capitale’s student, you’ll be able to get in-depth learning materials that offer the full trading education experience.

Also, the learning platform ensures excellent education to introduce competent traders into the investing space.


Here are some important points that La Grande Capitale would like you to remember. La Grande Capitale policy lasts 14 days. Also, the site is not intended for individuals under the age of 18.

Please note, that if within the 14 days, you conducted any use of the services on the trading platform, like opened trades, La Grande Capitale can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

However, to complete your refund, La Grande Capitale requires a receipt or proof of purchase.

14 day money back


Once your return is received and inspected, La Grande Capitale will send you an email to notify you that the company has received your request. Also, La Grande Capitale will notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.

If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment within a certain amount of days.


La Grande Capitale offers a selection of training packages to accommodate the needs of a broad audience seeking to trade in the financial markets. There are three main educational packages.

  1. SILVER – the monthly cost is 100 EUR.
  2. GOLD – the monthly cost is 250 EUR.
  3. PLATINUM – the monthly cost is 500 EUR.


The course covers the fundamentals of trading psychology, charting, common trading mistakes, and several other important topics.

silver package

Education Materials

For La Grande Capitale’s Silver members, the following trading education materials will be presented to you using a series of lectures and videos to make complex topics accessible.

  • Live instructional classes
  • E-books
  • Exams
  • News articles and insights
  • La Grande Capitale will also be showing live trading examples once participants have reached the end of the course.


  1. The course offers beginner level e-books.  The topics in this book will explain how markets operate daily. Also, you’ll get to know the ABCs of the bull and bear market.
  2. Introduction to Financial Markets – You’ll get to know all the basics of the global financial market.
  3. Online Trading – This course has a beginner’s guide to online trading.

4.Trading Terminologies – For this lesson, you will be introduced to some of the common trading terminologies that you might encounter once you have ventured into the industry.

  1. Basics on Different Trading Instruments – You’ll find out the different types of markets you can trade.

The price is 100 EUR, and the course has a 14 days money-back guarante.



This package is your next stop to find out about market flows and trends, proper application of trading strategies, and more.

gold package

The package’s price is 250 EUR. It offers educational material for traders who already have a decent amounts of experience in the financial market. Here’s what you’ll get if you choose the Gold package.

For La Grande Capitale’s Gold members, the following trading education materials will be presented to you.

  • E-books.
  • Live instructional classes
  • Trading strategies
  • Advanced level charting software
  • News articles and insights
  • Daily market signals
  • Video lessons – This online program is mainly aimed at participants who already have some knowledge about the markets, but still would like to expand their understanding.

Also you’ll learn about:

  1. Trading styles in this course, you’ll find out what trading style suits you the best.
  2. Derivatives, live instructional classes and trading strategies
  3. News articles and insights, daily market signals and market updates, advanced charting software
  4. Candlestick, charts, Fibonacci trading, technical tools, indicators – From candlesticks to ideal charting practices, to Fibonacci trading, with each course, you’ll get a deeper knowledge of every t aspect of trading.
  5. Live trading examples will be presented upon the conclusion of the course and Consulting sessions with a Professional Market Analyst


La Grande Capitale’s Platinum package covers everything from risk management to basic charting.


The Platinum package contains comprehensive live video lessons and discussions, which would not run longer than one hour.

This online course will consist of several live streams each day, tackling every technical and fundamental move carefully as it happens on your computer screen. La Grande Capital has created a well-rounded educational trader’s guide to help you get more familiar with the investing space

Here are the topics you’ll go through in this course.

  1. E-Book
  2. Creating your Trading Plan
  3. Trend Analysis
  4. Supply and Demand
  5. Pattern Formations
  6. Technical Analysis
  7. Chart Timeframes
  8. Novice Mistakes
  9. Cryptocurrencies
  10. Learn Trading Platforms
  11. Charting
  12. Trading Strategies
  13. Trader Psychology
  14. Trading in different types of market
  15. Risk and Money Management


What will you learn with Platinum Package?

The ultimate four Ts for successful trading.

  1. Trading Plan – La Grande Capitale will guide you towards formulating a trading plan that will help you devise a plan developed to boost your chances of profit.
  2. Trend Analysis – You will learn what a trend is, its classifications, and when it would be an ideal time to ride the trend or not.
  3. Technical Analysis – You will find out which technical indicators are opportunity-enhancers, and which can be excluded.
  4. Trading Platforms – See how professionals trade with a direct access workstation and Level II pricing data.

The price is 500 EUR. The key objective is helping traders acquire the edge necessary to get one step closer to achieving a trading career.

Also, at the end of each package, you’ll participate in quizzes and at the end, you’ll have to pass a test to receive a certificate of completion.


La Grande Capitale has an active customer support system.  The service is active five days a week, 24 hours a day.

La Grande Capitale phone number: +1(877)648-0250


Headquarters’ address: 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, ENGLAND



In conclusion, we can say that La Grande Capitale is a wonderful place to start learning.  It is truly an educational hub, refined in its learning techniques, yet so simple and easily understandable.  The website reviews of La Grande Capitale that we saw were quite positive. So, nothing suspicious.

The educational platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The vast materials in the package are more than enough to learn.
We can truly, say that your journey to financial freedom starts here!

Good luck, and have fun!

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