Microsoft 365 Rolls Out Dark Mode Feature for Outlook

Microsoft 365: Microsoft Office 365 on PC screen.

Microsoft 365: Microsoft Office 365 on PC screen.

Nearly a year ago, Microsoft 365 exposed that it was working on a dark mode for Outlook on mobile devices and it’s starting to arrive today.

Both Outlook apps for iOS and Android will include a new change to turn on the dark mode. The Android version will also automatically switch to the mode when you enable the power saver mode.

The new option will be equal to Apple’s work in iOS 13 for a system-wide dark mode.

Meanwhile, Outlook on iOS and Android will start getting restructured today.

Moreover, Outlook is not the only Microsoft app for mobile that’s getting dark mode support.

Microsoft is also making a significant effort to bring the same dark theme to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, and To-Do for Apple’s iOS 13 launch.

The web version of is getting updated with a dark mode today. Soon, the web versions of OneDrive and Planner will also get the same treatment.

Microsoft has consumed the better part of a year working on dark mode for Outlook and more. The work they dedicated to it is not as simple as flicking a switch in software.

In a blog post, Microsoft’s head of Office design, Jon Friedman explains, “Starting from the ground up and using the new gray palette for Fluent, and our app teams began by aligning to the single palette.”

He also added, “This included increasing contrast, brand color saturation, and consistency among details like how and when we use shadows when in Dark Mode.”

Microsoft even created another popular video to highlight its broader focus on dark mode for Office.

The dramatic video is just the latest in a series that’s seen Microsoft put the sexy back into unsexy software.

Microsoft Support Favorite Mixer Streamers

Elsewhere, when Microsoft launched Mixer Direct Purchase back in 2018. It did so to help reward streamers for creating new games and structures to viewers’ attention.

Now, it’s adding a new technique to support creators.

From today, Mixer associates will have $3 compensation for every new member that joins Xbox Game Pass that recognizes their channel with a code.

It is another way for you to show your favorite streamers some extra love.

Mixer is always being compared and sometimes unfavorably to the likes of Twitch.

On the flip side, right now the interest is focused in Mixer than ever before. It is due to its recent deal with high-profile streamer Ninja.

Microsoft is now moving rapidly to give creators further features.

This latest move gives a good signal of what Microsoft’s long-term plans are for the platform. This is as the company slowly builds an ecosystem that occurs both inside and beyond the Xbox.

Meanwhile, an Xbox Games Pass subscription brings in free games. Moreover, the subscription also comes with TV-like perks.

To some extent, Twitch already does this with Twitch Prime, and Google Stadia has some streamer combinations.

Microsoft’s efforts are not yet on the same level as Amazon and Twitch.

At the moment, it is still unclear when the matters will be indistinct, but Microsoft says it’s working on it.

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