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Most profitable cheapest stocks: Oracle, Intel and Cisco

brokers. Most profitable cheapest stocks

The Nasdaq 100 took just 20 weeks to erase the losses from the coronavirus crash. It lost 30% and regained its all-time highs. Today the stock market accumulates a rebound of 80% from the minimum of March 2020. The pandemic has functioned as an accelerator of trend thanks to the liquidity guaranteed by central banks in financial markets.

The money ran to take positions in the large technology companies present on Wall Street. In fact, this was a symbolic and real investment in the future. A year later, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), or Netflix prices are growing. That is why analysts insist on looking for overlooked companies among the giant winners of the crisis, such as Oracle, Intel, or Cisco.

According to Global Equities Research, some companies margins refer to a greater weight of recurring income.

The software companies Oracle, Intel, or Cisco, are the ones that fully justify this investment approach with their numbers. Oracle has increased 76% from the March 2020 lows and presents an operating margin (the capacity to convert income into profit) somewhat higher than 36.6%.

Cisco’s profitability is close to 30%, after rebounding by 60% from lows. The only big tech companies that make similar margins, Facebook and Microsoft, are much more expensive. 

Intel shares, whose operating profitability is 30%, are even cheaper than Oracle and Cisco. The company bounced by 45% from the pandemic lows.

Furthermore, Global Equities Research lists the main risks faced by the large Nasdaq 100 technology groups. Oracle, Intel, and Cisco are exempted.

KD Pharma acquires the manufacturing assets of Rohner AG

The KD Pharma Group has obtained the manufacturing assets of the former Rohner AG. The acquisitions give KD Pharma access to new complementary technologies that will allow the company to expand further its contract pharmaceutical manufacturing business. Besides, KD Pharma has strengthened its CDMO team by hiring several key members of the former Rohner team.

Oscar Groet, CEO of KD Pharma Group, stated that KD Pharma has all the technology, capacity, and staff to become an even bigger player in the CDMO market. Rohner was known for its technological capabilities and unique chemical processes, allowing it to manufacture complex, multi-step pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs. This fits naturally with KD Pharma’s strategy of creating solutions for health and providing value to customers using a unique toolbox of technologies, he concluded.


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