Netcoins App Enables Direct Fiat Purchase of Altcoins

bitcoin concept netcoin allows to buy crypto directly

A new crypto-buying portal, Netcoins, is allowing users to buy more than 20 cryptocurrencies and altcoins using fiat directly.

Netcoins, which is the Canadian company that created the app, says the recently launched service is operational 24/7 online. This helps to delivery real-time transaction without delays.

The Netcoins team says its offering stands out from rivals because it simplifies transactions for crypto enthusiasts, and gets rid the need to change fiat currencies into Bitcoin or Ethereum before going on to buy the altcoins.

The new Netcoins platform also offers an automated Know Your Customer (KYC) product, giving users the opportunity to complete the registration quickly for approved trading. According to the company, the applications can be verified in as short as 24 hours.

Illustrating why its app will prove to be a boon for time pressed crypto customers, Netcoins has shown how users have the opportunity to skip steps and acquire the altcoins they  want much easier and faster than what many other popular exchanges offer.

Customers who want to buy Pareto on the platform can do so the moment that they have funded their account with their fiat currency. Netcoins argues that this compares in contrast to other exchanges, which often have slower turnaround times, a limited selection of coins, no capability of storing fiat, or a requirement that restricts the purchases with the use of bitcoin or Ethereum only. Previously, users have to go through a lengthy procedure before being able to do so.

bitcoin concept netcoins

Netcoins is attempting to “move away from the status quo,” in which crypto customers depend on exchanges that pair bitcoin or Ethereum with altcoins or tokens they want to purchase.  By getting rid of this step, Netcoins believes that the process of buying less common cryptocurrencies will be much easier, aiding in quicker adoption and higher demand.

Netcoins new app sees the Canada-based company improve its offering even further. The platform has already amassed a global retail network of more than 170,000 locations in 53 countries.

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