New and Dangerous Scammer: BillPro  

New and Dangerous Scammer: BillPro

Unfortunately, the Financial market is full of scams. It has come to our attention, from the information provided by a reliable source and further investigation conducted by us, that BillPro is a part of a substantial financial scheme.

BillPro scammers and more: Suspicious sites under their wing

Daria Allen Rippingale, the CEO of Bankingblocks, has played a massive role in several illegal activities.  These unlawful actions include fraud and financial schemes performed by her and the companies that she and her partner in crime – Christopher Shane Madden own together.

However, Ms. Rippingale, before her role at Bankingblocks, was the CEO of BillPro, a company working in digital financial services and international account management. Our investigation has shown that several companies somehow have affiliations with the CEO.  The companies are BankingBlocks BV- The Netherlands, EcorePay Limited- Malta,   and also, BillPro Group Limited – UK.

The charges are quite severe. One of BillPro’s clients has stated that he lost an amount of approximately 250,000 USD. The money has disappeared after the company closed the account for unknown reasons. This unfortunate incident occurred during Ms. Rippingale’s service as the company’s CEO.

Ms. Rippingale, before her role at Bankingblocks, was the CEO of BillPro,

We suspect that Daria Rippingale and Chris Madden own and operate several other scammer payment brands. Unfortunately, all of them have a connection to BillPro.

Thus, we can easily suspect that Chris Madden and Daria Rippingale own and operate several other payment brands. These brands are just like Ecorepay, which, without a doubt, has a relation to BillPro.

Besides, to all of these allegations, it was recently uncovered that BillPro not only scams their clients, they also give a platform for other scammers.

BillPro scammers and more: Suspicious sites under their wing

Ecorepay’s website,, is now inactive. However, before it was shut down, we were able to identify that Ecorepay’s website had the same IP address as several other payment companies’ websites.  Furthermore, we were able to discover that there are other similar sites.

For example, Youbill and icandypayments also have the same interface, style, transaction tech and content as Ecorepay’s website.  Logically, all of them have an association with BillPro. After further investigation, we were able to find that the registered owner of this IP address is Bill pro-Pty Ltd.

Also, Daria Rippingale and Chris Madden are trying hard to hide their and Billpro’s connection to these entities. Several social media pages of  BillPro have disappeared. BillPro is trying to hide all the possible evidence of the scam, as quickly as possible.

Everyone needs to know about all the wrongdoing of these companies and their real owners! BillPro scams are out of hand and need to be stopped.

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