Thu, December 08, 2022

New Products Grow Apple’s Shares


Apple is the definition of a company that’s too big to fail. However, to stay on top of the stock market, it’s not enough to stagnate and just hover around. Instead, you need to develop and innovate consistently to stay ahead of competitors.

That’s Apple’s tactic exactly. It’s a trailblazer brand that sets the norm for all mobile devices. Going further than phones, it’s also defined a good part of the gadget world as we know it today. While people laughed at the concept of AirPods when they were released, they’re the new norm.

That’s why the stock market is receptive to any new product Apple brings to the table. No matter how nonsensical they may appear at times, Apple’s inventions have a habit of clawing their way to the top. And that’s exactly how the company broker the curse they usually have in September.

While the beginning of fall usually isn’t a fantastic period for Apple stocks, the company countered it with some product news this year.

With the new $800 Apple Watch Ultra model and a new iPhone model announced, financial analysts agree that Apple is in a great spot. The $800 watch model’s sales predictions look good, and iPhone is always high in demand.

That has caused the stock to shoot up by 2%. Now, many traders may not consider that a significant change, but considering the already large market cap Apple has, it’s quite noticeable. Furthermore, since this is only an announcement and not a product release, we can expect a further hike.

Further bolstering the sales is the fact that users tend to be gravitating toward the pricier iPhone pro models. Of course, that’s fantastic for sales numbers, as the iPhone is already a high-end product. Investors should definitely look out for Apple this fall.


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